May 30, 2016

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

You know there is something to be said about an eyeshadow primer that cost less than $4 and has garnered such a positive reputation over the years. Dare I almost say, that has established a faithful cult following? By now you have probably heard a lot about the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base ($3.49), whether you’ve read me rave about it or spotted it on the channel of a reputable Youtube beauty guru. Because it is all true, this cheap thrill that can be found on the drugstore side of Ulta, or at most drugstores in general, is all that it is claimed to be, and then some. The Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base has been a permanent staple and has dominated in my collection for quite a few years. Despite that I may sample and trial other eyeshadow primers, I always have a tube of Essence on hand because it is for lack of a better term, the perfect fail-safe. With so many different brands of eyeshadow primers saturating the market these days, the Essence base is one of the very few on my list that I keep returning to because it mimics that of a higher-end brand but for such an affordable price that it is almost beyond ridiculous. I mean, less than 4 bucks! Come on, now.

First off, what I love most about this particular eyeshadow primer is the fact that it is tinted. The color resembles that of an actual concealer and is a little lighter than my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard. But not by a whole lot. The reason I love that it is tinted is due to my naturally pigmented eyelids. On their own they are quite dark and before discovering the Essence primer I kept messing around with translucent primers that always seemed to dull my eyeshadow colors. At first thinking it were the shadows, it was only after I used the concealer-like consistency on my lids that it immediately evened out any dark pigmentation I had and acted as the perfect base layer to create my eyeshadow looks from. Needless to say that UD’s Half Baked went from a muted dark gold to looking like how it actually sits in the pan. More color intensive.

Another reason I love the Essence I Heart Stage is that it is wildly diverse. Not only does it work as an eyeshadow primer, it also acts as a primer to your concealer. A concealer primer, if you will. Every single time I have used this specific product, my concealer nearly does not settle or crease as much as it does using a different eyeshadow primer. Or even while practicing my go-to tricks to minimize creasing and settling, by the end of the day it still does it regardless. Thanks to I Heart Stage, I don’t have to worry about emphasized fine lines by about hour 11 which at least gets me through the work day without having to stare in the mirror every 10 minutes.

The formula itself is long-lasting, caters to more color intensity from eyeshadows, texture is creamy so it does not crease and color swipes atop of it without a problem, does not fade, and evens out any darkness and discoloration thanks to the concealer-like pigment. It does finish as a opaque medium-to-dark nude, so for fairer skin tones this may not necessarily work that well considering that it may only darken and dull any eyeshadows coming afterwards as it may affect the color payoff. My skin tone is about the color of the primer so it just blends in for me like second skin, and I am very certain that for anyone who is darker than me this primer would work just fine without affecting eyeshadow color and payoff, and will most likely only intensify the color. 

If you’re looking for an affordable eyeshadow primer that works just like a higher-end version, then I’d definitely recommend the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base any day of the week. It literally cost a few bucks and it performs really well. You can’t go wrong for the price already, let alone the results you’ll gain from this. 2 Huge thumbs up.

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