May 19, 2016

Lorac Cosmetics Light Source Illuminating Highlighter In Twilight

Of course I could not complete another Ulta trip without buying a good amount of Lorac products. This time I came home with a few lippie products as well as one of their Light Source Illuminating Highlighter ($22) in the shade Twilight, the latter was released as part of their Summer 2016 collection and comes in a total of 4 shades that are permanent. While in the store I swatched all of the color options and Twilight just stood out to me the most as it is a Light Bronze, a hue I currently don’t own yet in my growing highlighter collection. As most of you know who have been around this blog from the beginning, I’m a huge fan of Lorac Cosmetics, but have never owned a highlighting powder by them because they have never really had a solid highlighter compact collection until now. So this is a new one for me as well. The Light Source Illuminating Highlighter series has been on my radar ever since their launch about a month or 2 ago or so, and when my nearest Ulta finally had all of their latest on display I was like a fat kid at the cake counter not being able to keep my fingers off of everything. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to finally get my hands on the Twilight highlighter and have been using it quite a bit incorporating it a lot in most of my full-face days.

Twilight is described as a light bronze and comes encased in a sleek, round compact that has a magnetic closure. Despite having  an opal and pink pearl shade, the entire Light Source Illuminating Highlighter collection is rooted in the warm-toned spectrum, and perhaps Twilight is my favorite out of all of them. Hence, I solely picked up this shade. The collection looks like regular highlighting powders but are so finely milled that they are almost about as smooth in look and feel as a cream formula. It’s like a standard highlighting powder without the powder texture, if you will. Twilight, like the other shades, have what I think is a fair amount of shimmer infused in the pan but finish with a soft sheen focus on the skin instead that is not frosted.

When swatched on the back of the hand or when dusted onto the skin, the pigment is sheer-to-medium that results in a beautiful luminous, natural-looking sheen, and can be layered for a more high-impact effect. Because the texture of the powder is so soft and smooth, it makes it easy to layer product and buff until perfection whether you desire a soft glow or something more on the dramatic side. Since Lorac focuses a lot of their products to be complexion-enhancing, this highlighter made my skin look diffused and illuminating without emphasizing pores. The color itself is quite unique. You can definitely see it’s based in a light bronze, but once it adheres to the skin you start to see a dose of gold undertones in there depending on what light you’re standing in. The color is what initially drew me in because I don’t own anything like it and pictures definitely won’t do it justice, you’d have to see it in person in order to really see what I’m talking about here and why to me it is such a gorgeous shade.

On me it wore for about 10 hours before I decided it was time for makeup to come off. I have worn Lorac blush and bronzers, eyeshadows, for well over 12 hours and none ever lost intensity or started fading. According to my past experiences with Lorac products this is definitely made to last since I have never encountered a bad adventure using any Lorac makeup not even when they first came to the market. Yep, I’ve been with Lorac for that long. Bottom line, this highlighter is a winner in my book. I give it a huge thumbs up.

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