Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

March 29, 2016

Since deep bronzed smokey eyes are a little too heavy during the daytime in Spring or Summer, and since my all-white ensembles (including white jeans, OMG! – stepping outside the box. HELLO!) could use a complimentary neutral eye look as a flattering addition to all-light everything, I picked up the Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection ($36) in pursuit of trying to find the perfect go-to Summer eye palette. Yes, smoggy smokey eyes may be the most universal, but I always get the sense that my otherwise Smog + Dark Horse centered looks can be quite distracting often times when all I want is a balanced neutral look to pair up seamlessly with my white jeans and white fitted tee. Nude heels as foot choice. But what to do when even the most fervent fans of a killer smokey eye have to forfeit on darker shades in favor of something lighter with mood? You go hunting for a natural-based palette that offers every single shade you could possibly need to achieve such. The answer is as simple as that.

Too Faced has quite an incredible line of eyeshadow palettes, including the cult classic Chocolate Bar ($49), as well as those pretty smaller-sized tins packed with 9 shades that outline a certain theme. Think Boudoir Eyes, Sugar Pop, Cat Eyes, Rock ‘n Roll, etc. At first I was quite intrigued with the Chocolate Bar, because a) it looks like an actual chocolate bar not meant for sharing just because it comes in squares, and b) more color options. As much as an eye palette hoarder I may be, I decided that this time I did not want a multiple choice palette as much as I wanted a more simplified approach to what I was going for. Hence, I ended up with the Natural shadow tin. It’s part classic, part understated, but still an all glamorous editorial for your eyes.

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection has 9 eyeshadows; 3 Too Faced favorites, 3 large complementary shades, and 3 new hues. Packed in a sleek small mirrored tin, the palette offers both looks to be created for the everyday as well as the night. Oh yes, this is not just an ordinary daytime neutral palette, you can play it up for the evening which makes this worth every penny. The texture of the shades almost feel creamy, but all of them are powder shadows with easy layering and blending capabilities. Pigments of each shade are smooth and super bold, you don’t need a lot of swiping in order to get some payoff. Half of the palette are warm-based colors, while the other half are cooler-toned, which makes a great palette that will work on ladies who have either warm or cool undertones. A win/win. The overall performance ranks pretty good. I like that the initial application does not provide much fallout from the powders and once you have it on, it stays put nicely without fading or flaking. Fading does start around hour 5-6 or so, even with an eye primer on my normal/dry lids. If there was one thing I could change it would be the pan size of the main attraction colors, they are kind of oddly small and it takes a smaller sized brush plus holding it at a weird angle in order to get something on the bristles. Other than that, no complaints.

Cashmere Bunny is a taupe matte
Sexpresso is a deep brown matte
Push-Up is light bronze pearl
Erotica is a Charcoal brown with gold flecks
Honey Pot is a gold pearl
Chocolate Martini is a deep espresso with gold shimmer
Heaven is a cream matte
Silk Teddy is a peach champagne shimmer
Nudie is a fawn matte

All-in-all, I deem the palette a good value for the money. It offers versatile looks for a number of occasions in terms of color selection with all shades ranking on the very decent side for overall quality and can be worn with anything. Its portability makes this for a travel-friendly product to slip into your purse or carry-on because the packaging is sturdy enough to take a hit – plus it comes with a good-sized mirror for on-the-go.

Left to right: Nudie, Silk Teddy, Heaven

Left to right: Honey Pot, Push-Up, Cashmere Bunny

Left to right: Chocolate Martini, Erotica, Sexpresso

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