Becca Mineral Blush In Shade Flowerchild

March 25, 2016

I’m not exactly a one-blush only type of girl. The right combination of bronzer, blush, and highlighter all play a part in the consuming formula that leads to the proverbial “glow” post-foundation. Some shades or textures of each aforementioned products don’t tango that well together, so finding a counterpart to suit your other existing counterparts is absolutely pivotal. Many times and quite a while ago I mentioned that my bronzer, highlighter, and blush collections are not impressive, I maybe own a handful of each at the most and that is only because I choose to invest smartly in what I think suits me best. Yes, every now and then I want to act on my immediate impulse and splurge on pretty colors or those that come highly recommended – but alas, self-control is paramount. I am the master of my domain. Major Seinfeld flashbacks right now. Anyway. While I may not own a pile of blushes worth mentioning, I still am not a one-blush only girl. Basically, this is what it comes down to: I just want it to look natural. I don’t want the clown effect, I don’t want it to overpower my bronzer or highlighter, I want it to make me look healthy, dewy, not to mention, natural. Can I possibly emphasize the last one more than I already have? I could, but I will spare you guys for now. 

Searching for the right blush sucks the life out of me, I’m not going to lie. It’s exhausting. The spark of excitement that flares up inside me every time I see a new blush sitting pretty on a display only to have my hopes severely crushed post-swatch is wreaking havoc on my makeup dreams. Some are too dark, some have too much glitter, some are not pigmented enough, some have this obnoxious color to it overall, and the verdict is, I need to move on to better things. The last time I bought a blush can be approximately dated back to well over a year ago before I decided to purchase one of my current favorite blushes, the Becca Mineral Blush in the shade Flowerchild ($32).

I have been a big fan of the cult favorite Opal highlighter by Becca ever since it was launched and was brought to light, so with that in mind I bought Flowerchild in hopes that it would live up to expectations I have come accustomed to from Opal. Flowerchild is a peachy pink that has golden highlights which roughly translates to that it is a medium rosy pink with a dusting of gold shimmer. A good blush can breathe life into your face, and the combination of the warm pink undertone mixed with the veil of gold dust gives off that glow without being overpowering, or without the gold shimmers emphasizing any pores/flaws. It gives that right amount of brightness optimization so when you follow up with a highlighter it would only optimize the dewiness from there by adding dimension to your face with a flush of color as the originating source behind it all.

Flowerchild has an opaque finish. The overall texture is incredibly smooth and was easy to blend on my cheeks using a blush brush. In terms of deposit and pigment, my best advice is to always go in with a light hand when it comes blush and then layer from there on if you require more intensity. I personally prefer sheer coverage so one liberal dipping and tapping of the brush is more than enough. In terms of lasting power, it wears about 8 hours with sheer coverage if not a little less before it starts fading a bit. But nothing too drastic.

Overall consensus? Truly amazing. I am seriously thinking about purchasing a few more shades because not only am I impressed with the general product, the payoff, the impromptu life and depth it brings to my face, it delivered on the one thing I desire the most out of a blush – that natural effect. And that alone will justify wanting to own every single shade, right? Right.

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