Mario Badescu – Glycolic Acid Toner

August 31, 2015

Super-charged water to help skin clear up. I’ve been vehemently applying toner since I started caring about actually having a somewhat structured skincare regimen – simply because cystic acne decided to enter my life one day completely unannounced. My life would have continued just dandy without any of the added fluff I’ve resorted to include over the course of almost a year or so if it wasn’t for this shit storm setting upon me, and I needed to pull out all of the tricks from the Google pages to combat this demon. Why toner in the first place? Well, to kind of bring the point home without a lengthy Wikipedia-like description, a toner is the final step of a thorough cleansing of your skin – pulling out all of the remaining debris that regular facial washing, double-cleansing, and whatnot, was initially not able to. At that time when I first heard about toners I had no clue what they were, to be quite frank – and it took quite some research to decide on the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner in the end because the internet told me I needed it on my shelves. Simply put, I’m elated that this time I around I actually did listen to the internet because it has been the best thing I’ve ever used in my life.

But why the Glycolic Acid Toner? Claimed to be a miracle in a bottle, I knew from the moment I was experiencing cystic acne that scars and daily visual reminders were going to be part of my norm – and with that I needed something to rebalance my complexion once the war was over. And what better way to do so then midway, right? Glycolic acid and grapefruit extract are both alpha-hydroxy acids who work together to exfoliate and refresh dry skin, simultaneously the power ingredients help to minimize hyperpigmentation and discoloration. The toner is meant for brightening, to revive a dull visage riddled by pore congestion with a deep-cleans to open the face back up and reveal in a sense “new” skin. 

All this while assisting in keeping fine lines at bay. 

Depending on how sensitive or accepting your skin is to toning products, I personally use this toner twice a day, morning and night. But I’ve read that for some this toner is a little too harsh and dries their skin out. Pouring a little onto a cotton ball in the morning to remove all of the bacteria that have garnered overnight, and at night pouring a little onto a cotton pad after cleansing and masking to remove anything and everything that could potentially be a threat to my skin. It’s got all the right things to detox your face and to make it glow. The best part about a toning step is that it actually feels like a luxury – purifying your skin while providing this amazing coolness and relaxing effect before serum.

Now the pressing question, does it help my acne scarring? Yes and no, here’s why – the severity and depth of an acne scar depends from person to person. Mine are particularly deep-colored in pigment, I mean to the point where concealer + full-coverage foundation cannot remotely subdue them. Some others may experience acne scars who teeter more to the pinker side which helps with coverage as they are slightly lighter. The power of this toner works the entire yard in every other aspect, the scarring portion, however, is glacial paced. It has taken almost a year for these old ones to obliterate into nothingness, yet here they still are. The toner does help them, but for as severe as they are this man can’t stand exactly alone to vanish them completely. It requires additional reinforcements to get the job done. You have to understand that not all acne is created equal, and cystic acne are those extremely painful under-the-skin bumps that transport themselves to even more painful, redder than life bumps above the skin when they do finally make it from below the surface and wreak some serious havoc while they’re present. The trail of destruction they left behind on my face is about worthy of never going outside again because I truly feel that is all that people see when they look at me. A face full of red/purplish/blue-ish dots.

Despite my dismay and utter impatience regarding that specific issue, this is quality in a bottle and my only tried-and-true toner with a price tag that allows for slight more liberal use on the daily. A bottle will last about 3 months or so, on my vanity at least, and for $18 every 90 days or so, isn’t toning something you may actually want to start doing if not for the deal factor alone with how blessed your skin looks serving as an after-thought? You may just be wildly surprised at how it contributes to your complexion if you give it a chance.

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