Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

August 21, 2015

Know those high-energy spray bottles packed with some kind of magic water that seals in all of your makeup for a good 24 hours so you can drunk party your weekend away without your eyebrows ending up on your lip somewhere? Yeah, Vegas and the party scene can be volatile combination where alcohol mixed with extreme dry heat does not necessarily make for a cute Instagram pic especially when by halfway through the night your makeup’s all about gone. Or made its way onto parts of your face where it definitely doesn’t belong. Whether I’m going out or not, during any given day including even Monday, I need my makeup to last for many, many hours. Glorious hours. My daily schedule starts at the asscrack of dawn and ends when it’s well and dark outside already, it is pivotal my makeup survives the day with me.

Even though it does not have the luxury of fueling up on caffeine.

Withstanding the heat, my day, and whatever it throws at me, I am secure in the assurance that my face can overcome it all without the slightest bit of product moving elsewhere, or my brows fading. Both of which are a nightmare but brows dissipating is perhaps a tragedy. And the uphold is courtesy of the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, the only setting spray that I have been using exclusively for the last three years. I am a creature of habit, once something works beyond expectations I tentatively don’t fuck with the technique. The grass is not always greener on the other side, it just requires more watering.

The value of a good setting mist is in its ability to deliver results of that it actually “sets” the makeup and prevents it from moving, literally keeping your face in place all day. An important contributor. Second, that it delivers hydration powered by a nourishing formula to keep your skin dewy and healthy while product sits on/in your pores for hours upon hours. Bonus points for Urban Decay, because it delivers on both. Developed in an exclusive partnership with SKINDINÄVIA, this mist sets the tone of difference between a regular setting spray doing its given job, and one that goes beyond that call of duty. It’s a classically, refreshing mist but takes that extra step of adding nourishment for a smoother canvas  with its application, because after all, your skin does go hungry during the wearing hours. Even more so, perhaps. Another kickass feat? Temperature Control Technology. This patented element lowers the temperature of your makeup to makeup in place—even in hot and humid or cold and windy conditions. Perfect for an environment like Vegas, it’s currently monsoon season so we’re suffering from all of that except for the cold.

The super lightweight spray goes on very subtle, and does not induce that tightness or odd film that develops as the hours go on that usually feels gnarly and sticky. Both of which I can’t stand. It’s truly a “set it, and forget it” type situation, even more bonus points for UD everytime I touch my face and no trace of foundation, concealer, or some kind of powder substance settled in between my fingerprint ridges. Turns out that even for the skeptical, wearing a setting spray makes about as much sense as wearing actual makeup, because without it you can’t rely on pigment and product alone to maintain the results you see in the mirror before you head out the door. If you’re new to the concept or as I mentioned, skeptical and not easy to convert, let me explain why this products more than deserves a stationary spot in your daily routine: After you shellack on ALLLLLL of your makeup, looking flawless of course, this setting spray will cement all of your hard work into your skin and will act as that barrier that keeps it in check until you wash your application off at the end of the night. Think of it as the bouncer at the club not letting anybody in. This particular setting spray has been lab tested to assure it suits all skin types, including the oily and combo set who want that hint of luminosity like most of us, but without looking like you dipped your head in Crisco. You want to mattify and dim down the slick without losing the model dewy finish. Turns out this spray does just that while keeping the shiny clique’s makeup in place equally as well and long as those who are blessed with dry/normal skin. 

The effect is about longevity, it’s about keeping your face smooth-looking and hydrated while color remains fresh and vibrant throughout your day. The effect is about perfecting the skin’s surface and texture while maintaining that vibrancy. It’s about finish, and finishing strong. I love applying the UD in an X-motion across my face for an even and light coverage, especially in the morning when it’s nice and cool, instantly boosting me awake when still in a semi-comatosed state. It’s plain lovely, and definitely party-ready when I clock out. If all the above sounds like items on your checklist, maybe your days should become about setting as well.

To bring the point home, this setting spray is Vegas approved. Just saying.

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