Lush Cosmetics – Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

August 20, 2015

Everything is better with a face mask on. Everything is even better when that face mask smells like pure chocolate and it is a very blurred line whether to spoon it on top of some ice cream or rub it all over your face. The latter I wouldn’t recommend, though, even when it is extremely tempting. After finishing the Mask of Magnaminty which left me impressed by the natural and fresh approach Lush Cosmetics takes to masking, I went back to the store and kind of browsed around a bit only to end up with the Cupcake Face Mask. The quick and easy fix was created with temperamental teenage skin in mind, ergo it is geared towards more oily and acne-prone skin – (un)fortunately, currently I am the latter as my cystic acne has been on quite the destructive bender in the recent weeks so I definitely wanted to give this mask a try. Infused with Rhassoul mud, the ingredient cleanses and soothes the skin from the irritation followed by a flare-up, combine this with several other softening ingredients to add on to this experience. And trust me, being riddled in bumps is already a nightmare, but when this comes with redness that you can physically feel by way of pain, it just adds salt to the wound

Directed to wear 5-10 minutes, I wear mine for 10. Once time is up I will rinse it off using circular motions with my hands to give my face an impromptu exfoliating session for a deeper cleanse. Make sure to follow up with a cotton pad soaked in cleansing water or even your daily toner to remove residue product stuck to the face.

Masking can sometimes leave me feeling uninspired, despite that I allow a product to prove me right or wrong for 90 days, it only takes so long for me to determine that something is really not worth my money and plainly doesn’t perform like the label or reviews said it would. I find that the whole routine just becomes entirely too repetitive and I am in desperate need of something new, that’s how I ended up with Cupcake as opposed to restocking on Mask of Magnaminty. While Cupcake leaves my skin feeling rather fresh and even a little rejuvenated due to its accompanying petite instant spa treatment, I am not sure if I would repurchase this after the jar is finished because I just don’t see any major or drastic improvements. This is an issue I have with a lot of face masks, very few blow my mind and actually turn my complexion around, others just seem to overlap into each other with monotone results.

While this particular mask is not necessarily taking me by storm, that doesn’t mean I’m swearing off Lush all-together. I am telling you that every time I do use a Lush mask, my skin feels completely different than when I use a mass-produced mask and that perhaps has a lot to do with the whole ‘fresh’ aspect. One to the next.

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