Hard Candy – So Baked Bronzer In Tiki

August 19, 2015

If there’s any makeup product that has made a major impact on my day-to-day routine over the recent years, it has to be highlighter. Forget contouring, even bronzing (though it was a very close toss-up between the three), highlighting stands front and center on my “can’t-leave-the-house-without-it” checklist right next to eyebrows and mascara. God, can you imagine leaving the house without eyebrows on? What an intimate moment that would be with the rest of the world. Highlighter can make you look instantly revitalized, refreshed, renewed if you will – it adds a stroke of subtle light to the parts of your face where you apply the product. Plus, it just gives that final finishing touch to your overall makeup application. I personally apply highlighter as the last face powder product before blending everything together and setting it, and it is that stage before adding the highlighter right after I bronze where my face just looks off – it needs a little something to reflect light on the high points. I don’t look quite like my gorgeous and fabulous self yet.

Highlighters are a necessity. Period.

While my highlighter archive is not that grande because I am supremely picky about what I purchase in that category, the pièce de résistance at the moment that I own comes from the drugstore and is of course the uber-famous Hard Candy – So Baked Bronzer in 129 Tiki ($9.00). For that perfect hint of golden warmth, Tiki can’t be beat.

Described as a bronzer, Tiki is most commonly summoned as a highlighter since the color vs shimmer ratio gives the complexion more of a dewy sunkissed look more than a bronzed goddess appearance. Although the latter can be obtained by layering about 2-3 applications as it will build the depth of the color – however, this comes with its own set of hiccups, i.e.; it will emphasize pores like no tomorrow. Back to the highlighting business. There’s nothing wrong with a golden glow throughout the Summer season, not even when introducing it to Fall and bringing it along for the Winter ride. Tiki’s satin-y texture is wrapped in a nicely subdued yet pigmented golden touch that compliments the complexion just enough to be worn during all seasons – making it the ultimate versatile highlighter. In terms of application, the formula is matte but finishes with a semi-glow so it is pivotal that you blend, blend, blend, or else the results may resemble you took a greasy finger and smeared across the pit points of your face. The best way to apply just about any powder highlighter is with a soft fan brush and moving your head along in the light so you have full control over where product will be applied. The same counts for a liquid.

Imparting this “look alive” glow created by this infused color is best doled on the cheekbones, tip of the nose or straight down the center, cupids bow, eyebrows, slightly on the forehead, and wherever else you prefer to channel to shine bright like a diamond. That being said, and this is something many seem to have a beef with, this specific product requires very little in order for it to go a long way. The more you slather on, the more it will emphasize your pores due to how the formula breaks down on your face – you can have the tiniest of pores and they will be staged at the forefront of your face. The key is to go in with very little and quite a light hand, build from there on if you please. 

As a starter highlighter for anyone, Tiki’s soft golden focus is quite amazing. The consistency is deep but easy to play around with once you get the hang of it and become familiar with what it takes for that just right topped off look. Albeit that this is a dreamboat of a highlighter, I find that it is best suited for tan/warmer/dark complexions, as golden hues have a tendency to teeter to the yellow-colored spectrum on fairer skin. I have in fact worn this prior to moving back to Vegas when my skin was at its palest and this highlighter unfortunately showed up as a sallow jaundice tint more than it ever did a beautiful golden goddess glow.

Applied to all of the high points of your face after foundation and everything else, you’ll understand why this bronzer/highlighter is hard to keep in stock for the retailers who do sell the Hard Candy line. It instantly becomes a makeup staple when you truly understand the power of a good, golden veil and suddenly the world becomes limitless as it optimizes the dewiness in your visage and breathe some new life into any tired complexion. Ready to shine bright like a Diamond?

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