L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow

August 6, 2015

Complete eyeshadow palettes truly ruined the concept of individual shadow pots for me. Whether it’s the famous Urban Decay Naked family, or Lorac’s answer with their PRO Palette line, or even a quad of luxurious shades complementing one another – basically, if the eyeshadow contraption in my hand cannot produce an entire look from said package, I don’t want to have anything to do with it. Eyeshadow palettes satisfy the necessity to simplify the beauty routine with one product presenting a multitude of options enveloped within, making the need to stock up on individual shades kind of obsolete for most. Honestly, I have not owned an individual eyeshadow since …. the first Naked palette was released. There was no need to beyond that point, I had everything I could want from an eye look right in front of me. Suddenly my entire routine had changed, it became faster and easier because it decoded the concept down to a first-grade science. Matte + shimmer, there you have it.

That was until I watched a Youtube vid featuring one particular shade from the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow line, and that shade was Bronzed Taupe (a brownish bronze). The next day I cruised down to Target and picked this color up together with Iced Latté (an icy beige). I mean, why not? The affordable range contains 24 different colors varying from light to dark, with just about every hue in between, and has kind of upset my palette game. By some quirk of the universe I ended up falling in LOVE with Bronzed Taupe. For years I have been chasing the perfect brownish bronzed color with a metallic-ish finish, despite my best efforts to find that type of affection from the Smog shade of the Naked 1, or the Snakebite shade from the sequel, that love was not destined to be. They got close, but no dice. At least, not to what I had envisioned. While the $7 price tag at my local Target kind of put me off because in the past I have had plenty of experiences with inexpensive drugstore makeup that left me hanging like nothing else, the quality of the Infallible pots makes that price all the more impressive.

The shades have a powder-to-cream texture which I very much adore. It’s more innovative than a standard powder, more intense than a true cream eyeshadow – nonetheless, I am guessing that it is this unique formula that assists in the longevity being well beyond the 12-hour mark. Ladies, I don’t advise it, but I had a day where I wore my makeup well over that many hours because day transitioned into night, and night led me into the early morning hours that next day. Before peeling off my full-face that left me with a serious resurgence of the feared cystic acne bumps on the sides of my chin, booooooo, Bronzed Taupe was still sitting mighty and proud on my tired lids. In full force, not faded, it was as if I had been reapplying it throughout the night which I can ensure you, I barely was able to reapply my lipstick. Equally did Iced Latté which I had dabbed delicately in the center of my lids to give the appearance of wider eyes. The colors glided on smoothly, and I discovered that for the ultimate pigment deposit you should use your ring finger to apply it all over your lid. A brush can definitely be used well, but I think that depending on the bristles it holds back some of the oomph, I did not have that problem when utilizing the good ole finger. They remain creamy and blendable, even when I take my time getting the rest of my eyeshadows together until eventually I set it all and like a giant brick wall they refuse to move. Please accept my shine when I say that Bronzed Taupe complimented my eyes like crazy, I am head-over-heels for this specific shade and have been using it rampantly since I purchased it.

I have seen and used a lot of makeup in my day, from low to high-end and vice versa, and am genuinely taken aback with this drugstore product. Couple both the price and quality factors and I definitely have to shine a light on this as a standout line.

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