5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Beautyblender

July 13, 2015

In a perfect world, everyone would have flawless skin that look as if they just walked straight from the pages of a Vogue editorial. But the reality is definitely not as glamorous as the fantasy, because in real life a lot of women are in constant combat with their skin and makeup application. Let’s face it, out of everything from sculpting cheekbones to perfecting arches, achieving an even and beautiful base by way of foundation may just be the most complicated code to crack. Or rather say, the most temperamental. When the time comes that find yourself severely displeased with your foundation, it’s time to start evaluating the products you use and it may just be time to start switching things up. However, switching foundations may not always prove the solution in certain cases, and in fact most of the time what could be causing your sub-par application are your tools. Foundation brushes, depending on the bristles and overall quality, can cause patchy and streaky applications. It is the number one cause of foundation being plastered on too heavy because they do not pick up excess product when buffing it into the skin. On that note, not all brushes are designed to properly buff product into the skin, meaning foundation remains to sit atop of the skin as opposed to becoming part of it. Etc.

Ever since switching to the Beautyblender ($19.99) about two years ago or so, I have never looked back towards foundation brushes again and it is the only face application tool I will advocate for. Albeit I am very much a creature of habit, especially when it comes to the beauty aspect, I made the switch from brush to sponge on a whim and it changed my overall foundation application, if not my life. I still am kicking myself in the ass for not using it sooner, that is how much it has improved and simplified my routine. So whether your foundation application has been leaving you feeling a certain way, or you’re just looking to change up your routine a bit, consider switching this sponge to be your new best friend. If you haven’t already!


1. The most natural finish ever

I was just as skeptical as anyone else before trying the Beautyblender that this pink little egg thing would give the most natural, flawless finish you could possibly achieve with foundation. But it has forever changed the way I apply makeup. It’s probably a combination of the material it is made out of plus the factor of that it requires to be used damp that creates the airbrushed finish, blurring where skin ends and the foundation begins. Using it wet allows the sponge to pick up minimal product, which means no waste, and deposits just the right amount of coverage by stippling the sponge all around the face. It’s controlled application. Believe it or not, even though you use minimal product, the “bouncing” motion required to properly navigate the sponge gives you more coverage because product is pushed into the skin as opposed to rubbed all over. Also, the damp aspect allows the sponge to soak up excess foundation so you won’t apply too much onto your skin, resulting in an application that won’t settle into fine lines or creases.

2. Can you say versatility?

Don’t just limit the sponge to foundation application, because this little guy came to play and can do so much more than solely make it seem like you had a professional makeup artist do your foundation. Among foundation it can also be used to apply concealer, powder, primer, moisturizer, serums, creams, BB / CC creams, tinted moisturizer, SPF, cream makeup formulas, etc., it can be used to blend out every single step of your routine, including powder products. Basically, the Beautyblender can replace virtually every single tool in your daily regimen – whatever you want (within means, of course) this sponge can do it.

3. Demystifies the makeup process

Even for those who are just starting out with makeup, or those looking to refine their current skills – no matter how laymen your skills overall are, the Beautyblender can turn everyone into a pro because it is an extremely easy tool to use. Run it under water until it soaked, squeeze out excess moisture using a paper towel, pump foundation the back of the hand and using the bottom (rounded part) dip into the product, now bounce and stipple away! Easy as pie.

4. It’s good for your skin, too

Unlike brush bristles, which often times can feel rather abrasive on the skin, the sponge is soft and gentle with non-abrasive material and a rounded shape. It’s the perfect addition for people with easily irritated and sensitive skin that contains active inflammation due to whatever skin issue or condition. And since you are wetting it prior to use it will give your skin added hydration, translating to a healthy and plump-looking face.

5. It’s just better than a brush

Natural, seamless, and flawless finish with optimal coverage by using only the amount of foundation your face truly needs. Easier to use. No hairs falling out all over your face you can encounter even with the most expensive of brushes. Has skin benefits. In the long run a better return on investment. I cannot say enough about why you should convert from brush to sponge, except for that it gives the best and smoothest foundation results I have ever encountered. An honest must-have in every girl’s makeup kit!

Do you use the Beautyblender? What do you think of it?

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