2 Cult Favorite Products, 1 Tan

July 10, 2015

Confession: I have never owned or worn a crop top in my life. Until recently I never participated in the casual fashion trend that never seems to go out of style, and when I bought 2 of them it took some coaxing and prolonged staring in the mirror until I determined, “yes, I can pull this off.” When I hoisted myself in one of them to inspect all angles and analyze its being before settling on the decision that I would actually keep them, I noticed the one rather disturbing element that I would never otherwise pay mind to because it is never out in the open: my stomach is about as white as white can be. Pale, fluorescent, neon, see-through, transparent – white. The only color on there is my giant tattoo taking up most of its real estate. No, I mean, this thing is huge. But nevertheless, it is not finished yet meaning that there’s no shading, no intricate detailing that would ever distract the public’s eye from the obvious pale existence of its canvas.  

The rest of my body is all grown up now, having turned about 4 shades darker over the past few months since I left Oregon, even my legs are interpreting that they indeed can transform and take on a beautiful tan. There’s a big difference here though, my legs are always out in the open exposed to the sun by way of short hemlines, my stomach on the other hand is always cloaked underneath fabric and never sees the outside. This mofo wouldn’t know if it was night or day, to be honest. Seeing as I’m not someone who goes and lays poolside, I did want to wear one of the crop tops the next day because I looked banging in it – there, I said it, I look amazing in that specific top – which that gave me 24-hours to come up with some kind of solution to warm up and bring some color to my 6-pack non-existent abs. After carefully scanning over my entire beauty collection, I resorted to using the Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg makeup as a quick fix. I went about spraying this on like I would’ve done with my legs, and allowed the application to dry for a good 15-20 minutes just to be sure. 

Now, the description states that it is for legs and it nowhere outlines that it is multi-purpose, but the skin of your stomach is virtually the same as your legs so I deciphered this notion and went about spraying it on anyway. First off, it left behind an amazing bronze, golden coat that instantly released the inner sunkissed goddess glow. Okay, I don’t like to toot my own horn or remotely promote myself in this way, but the bronze together with the crop top, mama looked goddamn sexy. But one should be cautious when thinking of utilizing this spray for anywhere else but the legs, I did wear a white skirt and I did sweat because duh, 113 degree heat paired with sitting in a car … yeah. When I came home, the inside of my skirt was in fact streaked in bronzer stains from where it sat on the stomach area (luckily it was only the inside because I really dig the skirt), which to me translated that use for other body parts does not sync well with the product. It’s feasible, not practical.

To ease any fears for those wanting to wear the Sally Hansen leg makeup actually on their legs, I have profusely perspired sitting in a car with this stuff on my legs and it will NOT budge. Different story on the stomach, though. For those of you who have trouble tanning their stomach areas and want an easier way of gaining color, I highly recommend the Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in Medium to Tan (the darkest in the range). I currently use this to keep my stomach colored. After a few days there was already a hint of warmth to the area, but it took about almost a full two weeks for a substantial coat of color to develop since I my stomach was extremely, extremely pale. 

In comparison, I do find that the Jergens moisturizer is more effective and easier for the long term. While the Sally Hansen gives you instant and temporary results that wash off in the shower using a wash cloth and body soap, the actual applicator have caused me some headaches in the past with not dispersing enough product meaning there’s always some form of risk that one leg can look darker than the other. Although, there is a lotion version of the leg makeup available at any drugstore. And even though I do love the Sally Hansen spray which I professed my love right here, I have been very keen on the Jergens moisturizer lately because it takes the complexity out of the entire self-tanning process. You can’t go wrong with a regular body lotion!

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