An Ode To Rue Bonaparte

July 8, 2015

The Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte ($25) has been a staple in my makeup collection for as long as I can remember. The creamy soft beige shade sees the light of the day every single morning when I have to heavily fake being awake by brightening up my waterline. It’s the perfect color not just for opening up the eyes and make them appear wider, it instantly cancels out redness in the eyeballs from lack of sleep. Which I’ve been experiencing a lot recently. The pencil just reassures me of its worth time and time again when I monogamously return to picking it from my drawer every day.

Owning a beige/nude/or overall a light shade of eyeliner is important, very important as a matter of fact. While a shade like Rue Bonaparte is tentatively utilized to highlight the waterline only, it is a multi-purpose pencil if you look beyond what you’ve been told or know about it. The pencil has a matte finish, which translates that this specific pencil can be used to accentuate and highlight other parts and features of your face. It could possibly even conceal. The rich and super creamy formula glides on smoothly making it easy to blend on all parts of the face, and it lasts for a well over 8 hours according to my calculations. On my face I would say about 8, in my waterline I would give it about 6 before it kind of becomes muted and I need to strengthen the highlight back up, if you will by reapplying it. The color is still in there, but not as vibrant. And a major defining factor of any eyeliner really is the wear portion, this liner does not budge, cake, or run under any circumstance.

Typically I prefer to wear the pencil on my waterline, however sometimes I really need an extra boost in the morning, so I will tightline with it to create brightly focused eyes in the softest way possible. I’ve tried a pure white liner for that  before and it just looked too, there. Let me present real quick the ways I use this color any other way besides just the upper or lower inner lines of my eyes:

Inner corner

This is a given, just take the pencil and draw a V tracing the tear ducts. If you like the intensity from the first color deposit, which this pencil is quite pigmented, then you could leave it for what it is and go about your day. If you want something more subdued and natural-looking I suggest using your ring finger to slightly blend it out into the skin.

Under and above the brows

Either to highlight the brown bone, you could trace along the lower part of your brow from beginning to end prior to filling in and blend it out using your ring finger or a small brush. This can function as a great precursor to carve out your brow and set the tone for the shape you’d like to create. If you would like to essentially lift the brow, draw a quick stroke above the natural arch of your brow and blend it out using your finger. This creates light and draws the eye upwards.

As a highlighter

Down the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, top of the cheekbones, the usual suspects included in your everyday highlighting routine. 

The lip plumper

Although I use concealer to dab a little product in the center of my pout to plump my lips, I have tried the pencil in lieu of the concealer and it works just as good. Don’t forget to include the cupids bow, AND, if you really want that “whoa Nelly” plump, use the pencil to trace along the lower lip line starting at the mouth corners drawing inwards but stop right before the center. Use your finger to blend out the lines and add your contouring bronzer (a dark matte shade) to the center that was left untouched. Doing this will make your lip seem huge.

Now as far as a regular eyeliner as in the traditional and standard sense goes, it’s a soft beige shade so it may not exactly be practical to wear for let’s say, a cat eye. But it’s possible. See it as a more subdued version of the graphic white cat eye if the latter is not something you’re exactly feeling. Just make sure that when you want to use it for a cat eye that you sharpen the pencil to a point for utmost precision, starting along the upper lashes in a thin line then continuing towards the outer corner where you can make the line slightly thicker and wing it out into a point. Apply a coat of brown mascara, yes brown, to enhance the cat eye by keeping in tone with the soft look. Black mascara may be a little a too harsh for this. 

Rue Bonaparte Dupes

NYX – Wonder Pencil in Light, $4.49

Rimmel London – ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude, $4.49

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