Nars Blushes

June 23, 2015

Ah, the magic of a Nars blush. Say what you will about the prices of Nars products, which at times can be described as “catch you off-guard” at best, the quality is spot-on. The signature Nars look is a polished face with a swipe of either a bold lip, groomed statement brows, or a dewy face by way of hints of blush and highlighter. It’s simplistic, decoded beauty requiring very few products. And it is to no wonder that the ever-growing demand for accessibility to recreate these modern, fashion-y canvases grows by the numbers, covering all essential facets of the brand’s repertoire, and beyond. 

Blushes are tricky. And in all honesty I have not exactly done any extensive research on the subject matter due to past experiences of purchasing blushes that mimicked clownish apples as opposed to a healthy, cool girl flush. I’m not so much afraid of a shimmer factor as I am of color pigment. Too much or too bright of a color, and the deal is off. This has led to a very reserved blush collection that can sometimes feel rather confining. Alas, I can’t let go of the notion and I have kind of given up on it all-together. Kind of.

For years I have been a fan of the Nars blush in Orgasm. Not exactly the most universal of colors (i.e.; may not suit all skin tones), the peachy-pink hue contains just the right amount of pigment and shimmer to induce that imperceptible flush and faux glow to complete an uncomplicated look. I think it’s perfect. I slowly progressed to purchasing the Milani Luminoso, the Benefit Rockateur, Lorac in Exposed, etc., all shades complimentary to the lit-from-within flush I strictly crave. While swatching some foundation options from the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation line, suddenly my name was being sung and it came from my right. Sitting there in a pretty singular arrangement was the entire Nars blush line, trying to seduce me. I quickly scanned over the choices, all of which were too much in color for me. Hot pink, fire engine red, neon pink, burnt apricot. “Not today, Satan”, I whispered to myself. Then the theory of the Siren Song set in and I managed to hover my way over the blush selection anyway when reminded that Deep Throat still existed somewhere in there. I have heard a lot about this particular shade over equally as long as Orgasm has been out. It has always intrigued me, but not enough to throw it in basket. Until that day.

Deep throat is a soft peach with a hint of sheen as opposed to shimmer – it’s Orgasm, minus the pink and glitter – and is designed to provide a healthy glow with an undertone of blush and a highlight in one swipe. The overall coverage is sheer, very natural and barely there – just the way I like it – but can buildable upon preference and by swipe two you will have more of a color deposit. Just like Orgasm, Deep Throat (okay, can you just imagine asking for those shades out loud in public?) gives the cheeks a perfect peachy flush with a subtle touch of a luminescent accent. I very specifically like this shade for more of a nighttime look (though it works immaculately for any daytime look), it’s quite sexy and flattering with a sultry eyeshadow application, leaving behind an effect of a pleasing afterglow aesthetic. And is that not the point of these blushes, anyway?

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