5 Favorite Face Masks

June 22, 2015

In case you were not aware yet, face masks are amazing. Perfect for an array of different skin types, conditions, and common issues – masks are able to address everything ranging from hydration to brightening, with just about everything in between. Basically, in skincare the saying goes, “there’s a mask for that.” Particularly, I’m a big fan of masking after each and every single day that my face was cloaked underneath a layer of makeup, sometimes my days can span well beyond 11-12 hours, and after removing each little particle of makeup only to go through my rigorous cleansing routine, my skin signals for some well-earned relief to catch its breath. So without further ado, here are the masks I am currently using. 

Algenist – Algae Brightening Mask, $59

I’m starting with the newest member of the family – the Algenist Brightening Mask is a 10-minute once/twice-weekly mask and is promoted to detoxify and nourish with algae and sea kelp to visibly brighten, hydrate and smooth the skin. Most importantly, this came in as a recommendation to even out dark spots and uneven skin tone, aka, perfect for brightening up my acne scars. With its sea kelp leaves and the rich texture of those, this masks aids in exfoliating the face, unveiling a radiant complexion afterwards that feels immediately refreshing. Ingredients like kelp also helps strengthen the skin’s elasticity which results in the revitalizing effect, the other deep sea elements celebrated in this recipe are simultaneously luxurious as well as hydrating. So far I do very much love it and have seen some improvement in regards to the brightening of my acne spots.

Lush – Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask, $12.95 – $24.95

Full review available right here.

Origins – GinZing Refreshing Face Mask, $25

I am kind of perplexed as to what this mask’s end result and aim is supposed to be. After you apply it and wait for the recommended 10 minutes, it kind of feels like it’s seeped into the skin but it’s not. Instead of rinsing it off the description states to tissue off and go about your regular scheduled skincare program. The chemical logistics and makeup of it are a mystery to me. The reason I purchased this mask was to replace my recently finished Glamglow Thirstymud, and since I am a fan of Origins’ products this mask spoke to me as a quick-fix drink up treatment for the skin. That being said, I’m sincerely disappointed by this mask in terms of as it does nothing to benefit the skin. Yes, when you first slather it on the cooling gel feels amazingly relaxing, reinvigorating and is very much welcomed by someone who lives in scorching desert temps, for real, but once it’s done and calls for removal – there’s no trace left behind as to that it has treated/nourished/done anything. You peeps know that I try and only highlight products that I feel are worth their dollar amount or that I feel work for me, but I’m also going to give it straight if something is a flop. As much as I love Origins, this was a flop.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask For Skin’s Rebirth, $70

Full review available right here.

Miss Spa – Keep Your Options Open Facial Sheet Mask Set, $9.99

I have harped about facial sheet masks many times in the past, I absolutely love them. I love how luxurious they sit and feel on the skin before and after use, the fact that they can leave behind the most moisturized of visages you could ever ask for. Including a radiant glow, even-toned skin, sorts out common skin issues like dryness, etc. In short, sheet masks are my remedy, my cure, praise the lord baby Jesus salvation in times of masking needs. Needless to say that I always keep a stash in my bathroom to participate in this very direct way of skin catering. Usually the Sephora sheet masks are my drug of choice, however a few weeks ago I found myself without the masks and I needed an impromptu fix that required me to stay close to home which Ulta happens to be closer to than a Sephora. I stumbled upon the Miss Spa – Keep Your Options Open Facial Sheet Mask Set which is a multi-set packaging containing 3 different sheet types that treat for hydration, brightening, and exfoliating. The masks perform just like they are supposed to except for one minor detail, they are a nightmare to use. They will not sit still on the face, they rip completely in half once you try and gently adjust it to where the contours of the mask actually suits the face. The general size is not universal which means one half of your mug gets more attention than the other half. All-in-all, initially a great concept with an extremely poor execution. I will stick with my Sephora masks from now on, if that means driving 20 minutes to stock up then that’s just what it will be.

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