5 Reasons You Need A Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

June 8, 2015

As far as my makeup routine is concerned, applying bronzer has to be my most favorite part. Nothing is more satisfying than watching my complexion instantly warm up right before my eyes with a healthy natural glow just by dusting on some luxurious pigments. It symbolizes that certain je ne sais quoi throughout the process, also it means that I’m getting close to being done for the morning. While the practice of dusting bronzer is quite serene and magical, trying to find a bronzer that meets all of your criteria can prove to be rather difficult, if not painful and needless to say the complete opposite of aforementioned feelings. If you stick to cult favorites among vloggers, bloggers, and makeup artists, chances are your bronzer collection is pretty well-rounded. However, investing in the same bronzing products as your go-to gurus does not always pan out the way it is supposed to – because, not all bronzers are created equal and neither are skin tones. For instance, the Benefit Hoola looked like I smeared tribal stripes all over my face using dirt, or shit would be the better term – it does not work for me and in fact is an extremely ugly color when applied to my skin. That being said, it may work for others – just not for me.

Given that finding a bronzer can be quite a dutiful task that requires a lot of science and swatching, it makes sense to look towards cult favorites first when you are considering making the splurge. After all, there are reasons why it earned that status in the first and you want to get your money’s worth too, of course. So what’s at the top of the list? In my arsenal it is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. I own the shades Bronze and Sandstone, and seriously, bronzer could not get any better. Hesitant at first to spend well over 40 bucks on a compact, after I incorporated the bricks into my routine daily it started making sense on why beauty fanatics own these pretty square things. And if you’ve been thinking about investing in the bricks, allow me to give you 5 reasons to help make your decision as easy as possible.


1. The ultimate Jack of all trades

If you want versatility out of your products for the money and make it worth your while, these bricks are the real deal. They are not just bronzers; they can be used as a highlighter, a blush, and the individual strips allows the user to create complete eyeshadow looks. It’s a 4-in-1, and once you discover its full potential it proves that spending the good chunk of change proves SO worth it.

2. For the glow

Many bronzers contain too many dark particles and pigments to give you that real luminous glow, or “lit from within”, as everyone loves to name it. The shimmer bricks are just that, shimmery, which means that if you sweep the product on it instantly illuminates where you applied it since it allows natural lighting to hit on those areas. Hence, the glow.

3. It’s easier to use than it looks

When you first open the compact there are 5 strips seamed together staring at you, and maybe in the beginning you’re not quite sure what to do with them or how to use the brick. There’s no shame in that, actually it’s a lot easier to use than it initially appears. The lightest strip functions as a highlight, meaning you apply this shade where you’d normally apply a highlight. The darker shades are there to add depth, and the medium shade can be used to be swept on the lids as an eyeshadow color. Or for something else you see would suffice better. But the best way to use the brick is to dust your brush through all 5 shades at once and dust it all over your face after blush application and/or contouring. Not only will the dust sweep add that element of glow and warmth to your face, it almost works as a transition product to blend everything together seamlessly.


4. Plays nice with your other products

I don’t know if it’s just me who does this but whenever I have a makeup look in mind to complement the eyeshadow look I just created, I always find myself picking a bronzer that goes with this particular blush, then those two are a contingent factor in deciding which highlighter to use. And if I don’t pick the right shades to complement each other, the entire look clashes and doesn’t look pretty. Since I purchased the shimmer bricks I have been able to maximize all of my products since now I don’t have to single out a certain set of go-to’s to go with this or that because they literally go with everything. Like the chameleon of makeup, seriously.

5. Stays looking fresh all day long

Unlike a lot of bronzers who maybe fade over the course of a day or oxidize to a point where it lost its luster completely, these will not. Since it is a “shimmer” brick, the glow stays alive and fresh-looking all day. Meaning your face will look glowing and gorgeous all day long.

Tip: Although when you first apply the product onto your face, the application may look sheer and like nothing is showing up – but I can assure you this product is highly pigmented and it does not take a lot for it to make a difference. The shimmer is not sparkly like glitter, not as overpowering but it is there, and the more product you apply, the more it will emphasize your pores because that’s what shimmer-infused products will naturally tend to do.

Do you have a favorite Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick shade? Which one is it?

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