How To Remove Makeup From Underneath The Top Lashes

May 26, 2015

Ladies, real talk – we’ve all woken up with that faded mascara ring around our eyes because we didn’t properly remove our makeup the night before. While this could stem from not being able to pick up all product with our removal arsenal, 9 out of 10 times these rings come from the leftover mascara/liner/shadow that is stuck underneath our top lashes. 

Never really thought about that, have you?

Even while you think you’re removing your eye makeup correctly, most women tend to not even think about what’s hiding underneath the top lashes. It’s like the Cheers bar, this is where everyone gathers and are hard to get rid off at the end of the night. But it’s necessary. So today I’m sharing a very quick tip on how you can properly remove the day’s gunk that is having a party in that area while you’re off in dreamland thinking everything is unicorns and rainbows.

Only to wake up looking like Taylor Momsen. Ew.

In this previous article I shared all of my makeup removal tips for the most efficient way to take the day off entirely without any lingering product having a chance to fester in any pores and/or areas. Now, you could follow those exact steps for the eye makeup removal, but before you erase the brows using the cotton pad, flip it over and target the “under lash” area first instead. Moving upwards and pressing slightly against that part, this guarantees to remove any and all gunk that’s sitting there.

tip: try not to wear waterproof mascara on a daily basis, this makes the removal process that much harder.

An easy alternative to the cotton pad method is to utilize a q-tip. Saturate the q-tip with your eye makeup removal liquid and wave it in the air for a few seconds so it dries a little. You don’t want to directly apply the extremely wet q-tip to your eye area, trust me. Repeat the exact same steps as mentioned in above paragraph for the actual removal. And voila!

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