How To Summer-Proof Your Makeup

May 25, 2015

There are truly very few beauty emergencies more annoying than your entire face melting off during a hot Summer day. Mascara running down your cheeks, eyeshadow creases like unholy hell, your foundation ends up somewhere in your cool cocktail, oh my. It’s bound to happen at least once to someone. Thank the beauty gods that there quite a few preventative maintenance measures you can undertake to sweat and melt-proof your makeup to combat any future unflattering side-effects of rising temperatures and changing atmosphere. And here’s how:


Smashbox – Photo Finish Foundation Primer, $36

It all starts with prep

The real key to long-lasting makeup that stays in check is primer. Deposit a pea-sized amount onto your fingers, rub them together to warm up the product and then distribute it all over your face using slight pressing motions as opposed to rubbing or massaging. This allows for the product to instantly melt into the skin. After your skincare routine and applying your moisturizer, allow 5 minutes in between before applying the primer.

Switch foundations

In this previous article I discussed how you can find the right foundation to suit Summer. It also includes various application techniques to help further assist in keeping your face literally in place.


Trish McEvoy – Eye Base Essentials Brightening Eyeshadow Primer, $26

Prime the eyes

Once again, not a gimmick product. Applying a layer of eyeshadow primer onto the lids helps keep your eyeshadow from creasing, fading, whatnot.


Chanel – Illusion d’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in 83 Illusoire, $36

Switch eyeshadow formulas

When affected by perspiration or humidity, powder eyeshadows can flip from pretty to horrendous on a dime, no leverage in between. Switching to creamy, sheer formulas instead reduces the risk of caking and smudging all over the place, plus when chosen in a nude shade look absolutely gorgeous by the way they glisten and make your eyes appear wider.


Stila – Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, $20

Line with a liquid

You’d think it would have the averse reaction, but opting for a waterproof liquid eyeliner won’t budge an inch during sweltering digits. Nor leave that outline on your lids if you accidentally open your eyes too wide … You know what I’m talking about, right?


Dior – Diorshow Iconic Extreme Waterproof Definition Lash Curler Mascara, $28.50

Speaking of waterproof

Although it’s not necessarily advised to use a waterproof mascara every single day, during the Summer you want to sweat-proof your eyelashes and wear it as much as possible to prevent any black goop running down your cheeks. No girl looks pretty if it looks she has cried. Even when she didn’t.


NARS – The Multiple Stick, $39

More cream please

Bronzer, blush, highlighter powder formulas should all make way for cream. Just like that powder eyeshadow formulas doesn’t mix well with perspiration or humidity, neither do your cheek products. Besides the mixing hazard, powder products are just entirely too heavy and definitely don’t work well in warmer circumstances – not to mention can take on a not-so natural finish throughout the day the longer it sits. Opting for cream formulas instead can give you a very nice glow with a polished finish that resembles pretty much your actual skin, just in plus. Not to mention, they last longer than powders do.


MAC – Pro Longwear Concealer, $20

Don’t neglect your concealer

Even if you are a hardcore cream concealer believer, it’s best that you switch to full liquid instead. Creams are already prone to becoming heavy as is with a very high risk of settling everywhere. Try to find a concealer that works for you. If you don’t need full coverage, opt for a sheer/medium coverage concealer, it’s nice and lightweight plus it hides any minor imperfections you may have. If you do need a full coverage, go for a brand (like MAC) that has superb industrial-strength concealers that don’t give way to cementing into your fine lines and creases.


bareMinerals® – Jack of All Trades™’ Lip Balm, $12

Tint your lips

Lip gloss is automatically synonymous with Summer. It’s bright, it’s light, it just fits. That being said, some can leave something to the imagination and turn runny or sticky the longer it sits in sun or during heat. Personally, I love to wear a moisturizing lip balm when it’s really hot, not even the tinted kind because I truly love the finish of my natural lip color after I swipe on the Burt’s Bees Mango Lip Butter. If you desire a little color on your lips and want the hydration benefits, not to mention SPF infusion, of a proper lip balm, opt for the tinted kind. They function just like a sheer lipstick but without the sticky residue. Oh, and the best part? It won’t turn to mush in your bag.


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Tinted Brow Gel, $22

Mind the brows

Oh yes. While I was in Vegas in 95 degree heat, which is not even at full capacity since it can go up to 128 during the height of Summer -HELL YES- I noticed some shifting in my brow products that required for me to touch them up for the very first time during the day since I purchased both the Anastasia Brow Whiz + Dipbrow Pomade. Whether it was due to the temps causing especially in the arch zone to fade quicker, or it were my shades rubbing up against those particular spots, I found myself filling those spots back in too many times during the day than I really care for. So, I have decided to use the Dipbrow, which is tentatively more resistant to fading by clinging onto the natural hairs, plus a tinted brow gel to seal them in. Tinted brow gels have a tendency to glue onto the hairs and not let go, it’s like a liquid version of the Brow Whiz and definitely makes them look much more natural as well.

Combat shine

Reduce shine by using a large fluffy brush and a setting powder to set the areas you think need a little help to either reduce the oil-slick look or to help it stay in its lane. I recommend using a translucent powder because it’s colorless and will pose less of a problem to the heat. Colored powders are a little heavier than the translucent kind, plus they oxidize and that can result in a very unnatural color just sitting randomly on the parts of your face you dusted.

Blot, blot, blot

For those who are more prone to shine, it’s absolutely pivotal that you blot throughout the day as opposed to grabbing for the compact and wanting to re-powder. The more layers of powder, the more chance of cakeface. Use a matte blotting paper and press against the areas that need help. This method will help soak up excess oils and keeps your makeup looking perfect.


Urban Decay – All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $30

Set it, forget it

As the final step of your makeup routine, a good setting spray should seal in all that you have just applied as an extra additive and setting agent. Setting sprays are exactly that, a setting spray. By spritzing one of these all over your face after makeup, it will act as a barrier between product and atmosphere, helping it last longer and to keep it from sliding all over the place.

How do you Summer-proof your makeup?

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