MAC Eye Shadow x 15: Warm Neutral Palette

April 24, 2015

Unlike many women, when I packed to go back to Vegas I did not stow my entire makeup collection into my suitcase. Nor did I pack every conceivable eyeshadow palette I own into my cosmetics bag. In fact, I packed extremely minimal with only the basics and no added fillers because to me the risk of compacts breaking, liquids spewing all over the place since baggage handlers do not exactly pet luggage like they’re fluffy little dogs, is too great. And I’d rather lose 1 palette as opposed 5, or 1 bronzer as opposed 3. For the trip I took the very multifunctional Lorac PRO Palette, it has the shimmers and the mattes which makes it the perfect all-round versatile must-have to bring along. On one of the days I wandered into the MAC boutique inside Caesar’s Palace on the hunt to find the holy grail nude lipstick – still, yes. And was greeted by a glass display case that contained the MAC Eyeshadow x 15/Warm Neutral Palette and its cooler-toned counterpart. Cue angel music. Long story short, I ended up walking out with the Creme D’ Nude lipstick and this palette.

I used it for the entire rest of the trip. It’s absolutely amazing.


The palette is one of MAC’s more everyday, versatile (and in my eyes much better) products containing 15 shades in total. With 15 neutral-based shades to play with ranging from the very light to the very dark with just about every possible hue in between, the colors are divided between shimmers, mattes and “satin” finishes. The latter shades resemble quite closely to mattes but have a hint of lustre in them, nonetheless they function as great transition and/or base shades. Out of the colors there are 4 repromoted and 4 permanent shades. All of them were very rich in pigment that are super easy to blend with minimal fallout, wearing for about 8-9 hours tops before starting to slowly fade.


(I turned the pictures horizontally because it showed the pans more up close. That being said, the very first color in the palette is in the upper right corner. I refer you to the above image for the exact palette line up.)


On to the big elephant in the room, the price. This palette rings in for $85 per pop. I had a major collective WTF moment when I walked out of the store. Yes, I’m sucker for neutral palettes but I probably should have flexed more self control than I did. I’m still trying to justify spending this amount on a makeup item. All of my other shadow palettes come in for the standard $50 approx. that has been the trend since Urban Decay launched their neutral palettes. But the burning question is, is it worth it? Looking at the entire market, everyone else will beat this MAC palette, including Bobbi Brown who literally charges an arm and a leg for just a simple quad. Tom Ford fits into that demographic as well. There is no real comparison option because everyone automatically thinks that every neutral-based shadow palette since Urban Decay’s original Naked, is an inspiration regarding in such anyway. But since MAC did not offer a competitor price point, that aspect falls away. The only way you can trump your competition is by offering a better alternative at a lower price, even if it’s only $1 lower, people will flock to it. So that’s out.

The shades in this palette are glued down, these cannot be depotted but if the opportunity would have been there I think it would have made a very compelling argument for MAC to charge the amount that they do for this pre-made version. That being said, this pre-made is much more cost efficient as opposed to building your own where they charge $10 per full-size shadow. So 15 full-sizes for $85 does not sound as bad. But it still does. However, it’s also better to keep in mind that MAC has never been one to offer “value deals” for their instant products like some of the major brands out there, in the end their pre-made versions are still significantly lesser priced than the build it your own kits.

Down to the nitty, is it worth it? I have found myself to play with this palette more often than my others – sometimes I will mix shades in this palette with shades from my other palettes, so in that aspect it has been getting a lot of use which of course perceives it as worth it. With that being said, if you are not a major MAC junkie or are floored by their sight or swatch, I will be very honest with you and say that there is quite a broader landscape out there where you can get a lot more bang for your buck. If the palette would have been priced at a more competitive rate, it would have had it all – but for $85, it just doesn’t.


From right to left: Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark, Brule


From right to left: Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle, Lemon Tart, Butterfudge


From right to left: Creative Copper, Divine Decadence and Unwind

Color descriptions

Hey – Metallic coral / pearl finish
Warm Breeze – Pastel coral / satin finish
Gingersnap – Deep rosy pink / frost finish
Dark Brew – Deep chocolate with pink pearl / velvet finish
Dance in the Dark – Dark brown / matte finish
Brule – Soft creamy beige / satin finish
Vanilla Extract – Soft warm yellow beige / frost finish
Honey Lust – Bronze peach / lustre finish
Amber Lights – Peach brown / frost finish
Saddle – Gold orange brown / matte finish
Lemon Tart – Metallic gold / pearl finish
Butterfudge – Mocha with gold pearl / satin finish
Creative Copper – Frosted gold / lustre finish
Unwind – Olive / pearl finish
Divine Decadence – Soft bronze / velvet finish

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