What To Do When You Overplucked

April 7, 2015

We’ve all done it before, we may still do it every once in a while, and this common mishap might even occur in the near future – accidentally over-plucking the brow zone. Nothing is worse than going overboard with the tweezers and not knowing what to do from there on to fix this horrible display. Well, first we let it sink in immediately followed by instant panic, the stages of grief, yada yada yada, then we stare hopelessly in the mirror not knowing how to navigate through this misadventure ever to heal from it again. Scarred for life! 

Not really, because there are actually a few quick fixes that will restore order to your arches, as well as your sanity.

1. Act like nothing happened – Using a regular spooly brush, comb brow hairs upwards. Dip a wet angled brush in brow powder, start at the bottom beginning of the brow and delicately trace along the bottom to the end of the tail, overdrawing the perimeter a bit. Do the same at the top only without overdrawing. Moist the brush and dip it in brow powder again, now start filling the inside using feather-like strokes. Always brush the hairs upwards and outwards to engage instant volume, finish by applying and blending a concealer on the brow bone directly under the brow.

When you moisten a brow powder it becomes darker in pigment, the darker the shade of brow color, the fuller your brows appear. Just don’t switch to 2 shades darker ladies, the reason you should use your regular brow powder is so it stays in tandem with the rest of your appearance like it normally would.

2. Forget the mechanical pencil – If your favorite method for filling in brows is using a mechanical pencil, or basically anything besides a tinted brow gel, drop everything right now. Any product outside a tinted brow gel involves drawing a brow to an extent using a brush or an actual pencil. Tinted brow gels come with a mascara-like wand containing a formula that automatically clings onto your natural brow hairs, in return this makes brows appear thicker even when they are not, and fills in the spots where you may have over-plucked with a more natural finish.

3. Comb over it – Yep, that thing old men do when they are entering the George Constanza phase can be applied to the brow zone, as well. Simply use a spooly brush to comb over the sparse areas.

4. The magic powder trick – I read about this brow hack a while ago and even when you just have naturally barely-there brows, this trick works fantastic! Fill in your brows with a brow powder first, then If you have any sparse spots where brow product has nothing to hold on to, or just a degree barely-there thinning area, dab some of your regular concealer onto those spots/areas. Now swipe over them again using the brow powder. Cara Delevingne brows in a snap.

5. Tint them – Coloring your brow hairs a shade darker than their natural shade will make them appear fuller and thicker. Brow tinting can be done professionally at a salon, or there are also DIY kits available some drugstores and online. Just beware of the latter as this involves chemicals, your eyes and your lack in skills if you are a first-timer.

Have you ever over-plucked? How bad was it?

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