What’s In My Bag

March 16, 2015

Because for some weird reason us women have an incurable need to know what’s in another woman’s bag … 




I don’t necessarily like to carry around an emergency kit everywhere I go or every time I go out. Mostly I tend to keep the lip products I used for the day and maybe a small compact for mirror purposes. I’m lucky enough that my makeup really needs no touching up during the day. Besides the lip products I used I will keep this Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose Kiss tin on my person at all times since sometimes mama doesn’t want to reapply lipstick, I still need to keep something on my lips of course to keep them looking nourished and healthy.

Shown: Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna | Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color in Blushing Beige.



Naturally, my phone because life ends without it. I have been making it a priority not to carry my tablet around, it just weighs down my bag and takes up too much room. If there’s something important on my tablet that I need on me I will sync my files with my phone since they both support Google. It just makes dragging a bag around all day that much easier if you can take heavy culprits out of the equation. 

Also my iPod. Yep, I don’t own an iPhone but I do have an iPod simply because I like the music aspect and capabilities better on an Apple product as opposed to a Samsung. That being said, I can’t stand Apple products which is why I’ll never have an iPhone. I do need some jams to listen to throughout the day especially in the car when I have to drive for extended periods of time, it keeps me alert and awake. I’m not responsible for any impromptu dance moves that may be occur when Beyonce comes on.

Since I am so dependent on my phone for everything, I do keep a book that I’m currently reading in my bag just to have something else to do besides staring at my screen. I’m currently reading The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg, very inspiring and uplifting read and so far I love it. Haven’t finished it yet though!

Shown: Samsung Galaxy S5 | iPod Touch (5th Generation).



The one accessory I don’t see how people can live without is sunglasses. The PNW sometimes has the nice surprise of letting the sun rear its head for a short while, doesn’t happen too often but when it does better be prepared. Plus, I’m like Anna Wintour, I just go everywhere wearing shades and I forget to take them off because they seem to become one with me after a while.

One accessory that I am legally obligated to keep on me at all times while driving are my glasses. When I finally picked up a new set after 10+ years, I decided since I do wear them a lot that I simply didn’t want glasses that were utilitarian, I wanted something with a little style. Hence, these GUESS ones caught my eye. HAH, literally.

Shown: Sunglasses were purchased from a vendor at a local market.



Whenever inspiration strikes, which can come at the most oddest times of the day, I like to keep a notebook for quick notes on me at all times. Depending on the bag size it may be a small or a larger notebook, in this tote I can fit a bigger-sized variety which is awesome. I also keep a notebook on me for when I need to make lists for whatever I have planned that day, or even copy my schedule from my phone just in case it decides to kill off my battery because I use it too much. I use my phone entirely way too much, and I promised myself never to be that person.

Shown: Notebook came from Marshalls | Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Permanent Markers



If I can’t get to a bathroom where I can wash my hands properly during any time of the day, I will do a quick disinfect using a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer until I can get to do a thorough washing. It’s necessary. Shown: Ulta Anti-Bacterial Gel in Freshwater Mist.

A rollerball of my favorite perfume in case in need of a refreshing touch-up. Shown: Lancome La Vie Est Belle Rollerball.

Business cards, because.

And most importantly of all and the one thing I will never leave the house with is pepper spray. You never know who is crazy and we as women have to protect ourselves the best we can against those who are. A punch to the throat always works, too.


Bag is the Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB Tote in Biscuit.

And there you have it, my daily essentials I need to get through the day in my current favorite bag!

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