Lip Oils

March 16, 2015

As you know, oil is kind of a big deal in the beauty world – 1 in 5 women uses an oil on their skin, hair, or body at some point during the day. But have you ever thought or heard about lip oils? Well, even if you haven’t, don’t stress it because the new category has been stuck on a rather slow rise ever since making its debut somewhere in 2013. 

Why the need for lip oils in the first place? Unlike the rest of our skin, our lips do not have oil glands which is why lips tend to dehydrate so much quicker than any other part of our body. Lip oils were specially created to restore moisture and to act as a protective barrier against the outside elements that could irritate the lips further. It is in fact quite a delicate area and you know just as well as I do that a compulsive chapstick or a balm habit does not work out for the long-term.

Despite being on the threshold of finally leaving the infant stage, lip oils are actually more advanced than most are aware of. Not only are they virtually replacing chapsticks and traditional lip balms in terms of hydrating properties, they come with tinted, glossy finishes so they act perfectly as a lip stain at the same time. How about you oil up with these?

Hourglass – N° 28 Lip Treatment Oil
Clarins – Lip Oil
The Body Shop – Natural Lip Roll On Coconut
Yes To Coconut – Lip Oil
YSL – Volupté Tint-In-Oil
Bite Beauty – Cinnamon Plumping Lip Oil

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