Karuna Skin Transformation Kit

March 10, 2015

The quickest fix for tired, strung-out, malnourished skin is undoubtedly a sheet mask. You most likely already know but let me back it up just a bit: I LIVE for sheet masks. They are a luxurious, rejuvenating experience that leaves my skin feeling re-energized, renewed and not to mention induces that glow everyone always talks about. A complete devotee, I’ll admit it’s the hydration rush, I can’t help myself. For the uninitiated, here’s a in-depth post I wrote a while ago on the subject, but basically a sheet mask is a paper mask drenched in a nourishing serum (you get to pick what skin issue you want to treat) that is perhaps not only the fastest way to administer a serum to the skin, it is also the most effective due to its direct contact onto the skin meaning it is absorbed the quickest. See it as a deep conditioning treatment, but for your face.


Each time I have gone to Sephora over the past year or more, with reckless abandon I stock up for a good two months on the in-house collection line of paper masks, (which they recently have added two new varieties, the Lotus and Linghzi masks – can you spell excited?). Despite my better instincts I have strayed over that time course due to the “grass is always greener” allure, but I always return back to the equally as effective $6 Sephora Collection simply because it’s financially more attainable to keep up with. During one of my hauls where I religiously stocked up on another two month supply of sheet masks, the Karuna Skin Transformation Kit caught my eye. Never before had I tried anything by the brand itself but I was so beyond fascinated with the goodie box containing 6 of their treatment masks plus an eye mask, the urge was too great to resist.


Plot twist: I started these masks not too long ago and actually have already burned up two of them, so I figured I would snap them real quick for this post before they are gone because I.am.HOOKED. Each of the 6 masks made out of 100% natural wood-pulp fiber are targeted to treat different skin issues, infused with essential vitamins, Aloe, Chamomile, Chinese Licorice, peptides, etc., the oil-free formula instantly detoxifies and hydrates the skin by immediately penetrating the pores from the moment of application. Initially I was kind of intimidated by the overall packaging when it came out of its individual slip attached with a backing, but once I had the entire mask contoured to my face it was almost like a religious experience. 20 Minutes later revealing a glow that mimicked I had gone to a spa for the day, it’s too good to ignore. And no, no greasy residue so you can go about your business with better skin the rest of the day. 

Forever a Karuna convert.

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