Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask For Skin’s Rebirth

March 5, 2015

The last few weeks have been pretty rough on both me and my skin. Lately I’ve been stressing out a lot and not dealing particularly well with my grief – as a result my skin has been breaking out again much more than I want it to, this in addition to my complexion looking tired and lifeless. I swear, sometimes I look in the mirror and I’ve aged about 15 years in just a couple of days. These are unfortunately just bouts that come and go, it will quiet down eventually but the aftermath is a struggle every single time when my skin has suffered through it and is in dire need of proper healing. 

Yeah, I know, this post already sounds heavy with mood but unfortunately behind this blog is a real human being and I go through real things in real life.

As if the lovely folks over at Charlotte Tilbury have some sort of telepathic radar, on cue a package showed up to my doorstep one afternoon containing the new Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask. As most of you know I go hard for face masks but am extremely picky about which I use on my often times highly temperamental skin. In the past and even to this day I am very weary about makeup brands releasing skincare products and vice versa, simply because the daughter projects are never as good as their base model. After reading the labeling which promises a “rebirth for the skin” in less than 10 minutes and at moment in time very welcome in my world, I went about researching the ingredients and what this mask is all about before I slather it on. I found out that the Goddess mask is formulated with the Bio Nymph Peptide Complex, which improves skin elasticity, induces DNA repair and boots synthesis of collagen while protecting it from degradation. Rosehip oil regenerates and restores skin softness and elasticity while frangipani flower soothes and purifies. Spanish clay naturally absorbs surface skin oil, drawing out impurities and removing oxidant build-up without drying the skin, leaving it dewy and glowing. Sweet almond and rosehip oils moisturize, soften and nourish skin while delaying signs of aging. A mix of essential oils create a malleable formula that leaves skin hydrated, smooth and soft rather than tight, dry and cakey.


For these reasons I decided to take the plunge. I applied a thin layer all over the face using Charlotte’s Pro-Collagen Wonder Workout Technique avoiding the eye area as recommended. This technique penetrates the mask deeper into the skin, stimulating the active ingredients. 10 Minutes and half an episode of Gilmore Girls later I rinsed the mask off using lukewarm water and then as a final step splashed my face with a burst of cold water to tighten the pores. Results were instant. I kid you not.

Usually first impressions of a face mask never really pay off that significantly upon the very first try, that’s for me at least. It takes establishing a steady principled routine of using the mask for at least two weeks before I notice anything happening or for it to even so much as make an impact. The Goddess mask was literally instant. Maybe the difference was so shocking because my skin was looking extremely dull and flat to begin with and to brighten up this drastically just stood out so much more. It had awakened my skin, unveiling this brighter glow that left me feeling hydrated and refreshed. Like chicken soup for the skin. Since the mask felt so gentle when I first used it, I decided to incorporate it into my weekly routine by finding a happy medium and using it twice a week. I am on week 3 now and major improvements have already been taking place. Not only did the mask help restore my complexion much faster than it otherwise would without, it has aided in fading those lingering blemishes I still have leftover from my cystic acne spat to almost non-existent. 


My experience with the Goddess Skin Clay Mask has been nothing short of amazing. I feel that thanks to the essential vitamins and oils in the formula it has promoted a healthier version of my skin that feels so much more softer and appears smoother. Not to neglect saying it looks much more vibrant. Never once did I experience any irritation or dryness, nothing that could potentially aggravate the skin. True to the description, this mask has been like a real rebirth for my skin, and I think that in combination with Charlotte’s Magic Cream it would be an unstoppable force to gorgeous skin.

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