Nars Bronzing Powder In Laguna

March 4, 2015

Recently mama went to get her hair did, nothing too spectacular just the usual. When it comes to my hair I’m considered a creature of habit. You become very cautious and wary of going crazy and wild with cuts or colors when you’ve been dealt the fine hair card. Currently I like to keep it in a V-layered style with all-over blonde highlights. My natural dark hair ages me about 10 years so I like to keep it light and airy but without fully committing to going blonde or just a singular color, period. Ever since my hair’s near-death experience, or zombie revival, I have made it a point to go in for maintenance every three months, a touch-up and snip. So naturally before I go in my roots are tastefully showing from pushing the appointment as far as I will allow myself. But what makes the last visit so different from the others is that my hair girl uttered “god it makes a difference when your hair is freshly done.” When I looked up I almost fell off the chair, the color was gorgeous as always but what was utterly distracting me to the point of losing my tongue was how.freaking.pale.I.all.of.a.sudden.looked.

PALE. See-through. Clear. Ghostly. Beat up. Translucent. Flushed. Sickly.


Not remembering this type of intense shock & awe effect the previous visit, in a reflex I asked her if she tweaked the formula to where she of course answered that this is the color she always concocts for me. Of course it was. It took a good couple of days to adjust to this hideous image, define adjust in this sentence, all the while pondering what happened to where my face went down by two shades on the foundation color wheel. And then it hit me, it’s February – universal for when everybody’s skin tone peaks the palest. Growling at how long Winter has been taking and how much is still left in the chilly stretch, luckily I don’t have to take it lying down because all I need is a fluffy brush and a solitary bronzer to defy the drain.

The problem with pale skin is that most bronzers will show up ruddy, orange, almost dirty, it never appears natural or even remotely healthy-looking. One of my favorite bronzers for Spring and Summer, well into Fall is the Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna. It’s a beautiful true brown-based bronzer with a gold shimmer fusion that instantly bestows this healthy, beyond gorgeous faux-tan without looking overdone or too faux. Thinking I was only able to get away with Laguna during these three primary seasons, usually in Winter I will go for a more matte bronzing shade instead, it’s only the right thing to do according to the rules – but this last hair visit made it personal, now it’s time to pull out the big guns. Rules, be damned!


Bravely I wielded my brush and with a light hand dipped into Laguna, sweeping delicately along the cheeks, forehead, chin, down the sides of the nose and included both my neck and chest area. “It’s alive, alive!!” I howled while my tween niece side-eyed me in utter fear or just plain disgust. What we had here was a beautiful, warm canvas without the unflattering side-effects a Snooki proportioned bronzing job could bestow. It just flowed. Gliding on as smooth as I can remember from the last time I used it many months ago, the brown-based hue instantly deposited this ideal bronze hue while subtly hinting at the features I had outlined without an actual contour. The golden flecks drew in the light and enhanced the luminous glow with a pleasantly natural finish that counteracts Winter skin’s blahness.

All I needed was a little amount, since Laguna is highly pigmented there is no need for big dips or extra layering in order for it to show on pale skin. Most bronzers either have too much of this or that, never in between or just right – I wish they’d create all bronzers like Laguna, it celebrates the tan without sun damage for one half of the year and allows for the uber pale to roam among the living again the other half. 

It’s perfection.

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