The Sleep Mask Approach To Better Skin

February 27, 2015

With as many products as I have on rotation in my skincare collection, a few only truly feel like the “please can I have a life do-over” generator. Especially in the mask department. The thing about face masks is the usual automated expectation of instant results, we expect our skin to come out looking younger, firmer, brighter than ever. Truth is, it doesn’t work that way because just like any serum or other potion, it takes rapport before any noticeable improvements are detected. The term instant should always be taken lightly when it comes to skincare products, the literal interpretation should be reserved for caffeine only.


The latest addition to my mask legion is the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask by Peter Thomas Roth: A cooling, soothing gel to help counteract visible signs of aging for younger-looking skin. Midst my battle against the bout of cystic acne and attempting to nurture the trail of scars and spots it has been leaving behind, there was one aspect of my skincare routine that had completely fallen by the wayside, anti-aging. Mama’s not getting any younger, know what I mean? So on one of my many trips to Sephora.com, I stumbled upon this pretty pink jell-o-like substance. The jiggly blend of rose extracts and rose stem cells should be smothered on thick when used as the 10 minute mask option before rinsing with cool water to reveal a hydrated and alert visage. But since I had been neglecting Mother Nature’s cruelest joke for a devastatingly long time, I decided to pull out the heavy artillery and opted for the intensive overnight repair treatment it offers instead. 

When I woke up from my first night sleeping in a thin layer of the pink goop, I felt like my skin looked quite a bit more radiant, more “ready to tackle the day” even though my brain sans caffeine wasn’t yet. I didn’t look quite like Miranda Kerr but the radiance was definitively present in a subtle way enough that it rendered me impressed. The formula is meant for helping counteract the visible signs of aging, remedy dehydration and firming the skin, plus it is very serene before putting it on prior to going to bed because it almost feels like it’s relaxing and calming me down before I stretch out on my heavenly matress and get into prime sleeping position. I am now into my second month of using it as a sleeping mask every other night and I have been progressively noticing a difference in the general laugh line area. The little crinkled lines that are barely visible to the naked eye have been significantly reduced and are becoming quite “ironed” out, if you will.


In short disclosure: this mask does everything I would like a mask to do. It’s cooling my skin which is very much welcomed at the end of the day for the calming factor. It hydrates, make me seem awake, alert and visibly refreshes my skin in the worst of circumstances – think Winter plus PMS skin = dull as all hell. It plumps and may be assisting in reducing those ugly acne scars I have been left with … and it all does this while I’m sleeping, zero effort required on my end.

Needless to say, this dude has already moved in permanently.

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