MAC Soft & Gentle

February 26, 2015

For a girl who has spent most of her adult life without the one product that has indefinitely impacted my everyday routine over the past two years, I still find it kind of strange that I don’t own a very large variety due to a post-feverish case of fomo. Highlighters was the foreign world I was introduced to by way of binging on Youtube videos one night. Surely Sephora or the Nordstrom beauty counters offered highlighters the entire time I was seemingly oblivious to their existence, but they or I had knowingly left myself in the dark wandering this earth without knowing the power of faking an inner glow. The contour/highlight concept has quite literally changed my overall makeup game, but mostly highlighting. Never before did I know you could carve out model-like cheekbones using a bronzer, or minimize the size of a forehead, or correct an imperfect nose … but highlighting, that rocketed right up the must-whatever chart together with “always wear mascara when leaving the house and never leave brows untouched.”


And by recklessly attaching my face to my tablet for one night, my whole world changed. I have been faking the inner glow, dewy visage with a very carefully selected collection that doesn’t consist of a entire drawer’s worth of product. When it comes to highlights, I’m extremely picky and don’t purchase new shades on the fly because the wrong undertone, too much shimmer and whatnot  could completely offset the entire makeup look. The best kind of highlighter catches the light subtly, complimenting the high points where applied.


Typically I reach for highlighter very last after I have applied everything observing what kind of tone and general hue my face calls for as a finishing touch. The pièce de résistance, if you will. On days where my face could use both a awakening touch in form of a warm-tone, I will always reach for the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. Described as a “gilded peach bronze”, it’s the perfect champagne beige with enough of a tinge of frosty metallic sheen, a format that lends to all skin tones with the exception of the very fair/pale because it’s a lighter shade. The luxurious texture consistently glides on smoothly, subtly bringing in the light to every piece of real estate on my face where I decide to swipe it. Of course the usual haphazard with many highlighters are the very emphasized specks of sparkle and glitter in the pan, Soft & Gentle has those as well but on my skin it resembles more of a reflecting sheen that catches more of the gold in the shade than it does the champagne beige side of it. Depending in which type of lighting though because sometimes it captures both tones in one. Also, you know those highlighters that fade as the day passes and renders your skin with just those sparkly flecks and no actual color to speak of? This highlighter does not do that, it stands up to 10 hours easily without even so much as fading or turning patchy.


The great part about this highlighter is that it’s very versatile, perfectly adaptable for both day and evening wear due to its ability to build layers for intensity despite that at first glance it’s kind of sheer. That is besides the added benefit that you can use it wet which in that case ramps up the intensity factor even more. The latter applies if its pure luminosity you’re aiming for, it’s breathtaking (and I don’t use that word at all). 

All-round for me, this highlighter deserves a permanent spot in the gallery and is by far one of my favorite products by MAC. 

And remember, a little goes a long way with any highlighter. It’s meant to mimic a dewy glow, not a greasy kitchen floor.

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