February 18, 2015

Double-cleansing, a.k.a., washing your face twice. It’s a concept, it’s a real thing, it apparently is the key to clearer, brighter skin. It’s also an extra step to add on to your existing routine, lazy girls avert your eyes now. Even though it may become a tiring notion that for achieving the most flawless of complexions one must always incorporate an extra step or product, spending a few extra minutes per day on perfecting your skincare routine will make a world of difference for your visage in the long run. (I firmly believe this myself). According to dermatologists there are quite a number of beauty benefits to be reaped from the double-cleanse concept and why everyone should start doing it.

The benefits
Double-cleansing is actually recommended as a regular treatment to those who have oily skin. Oily skin is in fact dirtier than the other skin types and requires primary and secondary cleansing action in order to sweep away residue of oil and dirt that sits atop of your skin even after your first 20-second cleanse. It requires potency to break down the thick sebum barrier that has been bestowed upon oily skin since it can prevent from moisturizers and other skincare products to be absorbed and help with congestion, hydration, anti-aging, etc. 

However, the above point applies to the other skin types as well. Fact is that pollutants in the air and the general environment can harm your skin with free radicals, especially if you live in a city that is considered polluted. Or if you wear makeup everyday, your first cleanse takes off the surface layer, it requires a second to deep-clean and remove all of the grime. Same counts for sunscreen and other products that have a tendency to leave a film and deposits hard to remove. 

Basically, double-cleansing would remove the excess oil, dead skin, product and anything else that could fester in your pores. Ridding the dirt barrier opens up the skin for it to more easily drink in all of the products you apply to nourish it.

How to
Start your routine like you’d normally would and perform your first cleanse like you’d normally would. A quick, 20-second wash with a gentle facial cleanser would work just fine here. Pat-dry using a paper towel after rinsing. Once the first cleanse is over, move on to cleanse number two but this time using a cleansing oil. On average, a cleansing oil is packed much more with vitamins and other ingredients that nurture the skin from the outside, in. A cleansing oil dissolves and melts away any kind of dirt or grime left behind by makeup or general pollutants. Do this for 20 seconds as well, rinse and pat-dry using a paper towel.

Extra note
If you regularly suffer from Rosacea flare-ups, cystic acne or have very sensitive skin, double-cleansing is not meant for you. Washing your face twice will only stimulate the skin, aggravating the condition even more.

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