Are You Applying Your Eye Cream Wrong?

February 5, 2015

Smearing, swiping or focusing on just the dark circle area alone are the most common ways most women tend to applying their eye cream. It are also these exact practices that define them as the wrong ways to apply an eye cream. By simply smearing or swiping product on, the cream will remain to sit atop of the surface with only a small percentage of the effective ingredients being able to penetrate the skin in order to go to work properly, In short, the eye cream won’t work to its full effect. Also, the eye area does not solely consist of dark circles alone, it includes everything from circle to brow bone.

The best way to apply an eye cream is to take your ring finger and start at the inner corner of your eye and go around the entire eye area including inner corner, under the eye, the crow’s-feet area, lid and upper brow while using light patting motions. Using light patting motions breaks down product faster which means it can penetrate the skin quicker and easier.

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