Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade

January 28, 2015


I have mentioned quite a few times before that the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is my holiest of holy grail eyebrow products. When it first launched I was instantly intriguid and severely eager to try it since I never really got that big into the Brow Whiz. Setting aside that the Brow Whiz is a cult favorite and the concept ahead of its time at that moment, it caused me more frustration than I ever anticipated according to how easily Youtubers were filling in their brows on top of how amazing they looked. For me it either took WAY too long to get brows perfected and still in the end they looked drawn on no matter how many professionally instructed videos I watched or guides I read. They.looked.hideous. And this is a great testament to the fact that you can’t always rely on hype or reviews because products will always work different depending from person to person. Disappointed by how the Brow Whiz had failed me, on the hunt I once again went to find that elusive can’t-live-without arch enhancer which brought me to the Dipbrow. Initially the product caught my attention because it’s a creamy formula that glides on by adhering to the existing brow hairs as opposed to a mechanical pencil which calls for drawing in non-existent hairs using feathering motions. Meaning the creamy formula will result in a more natural finish, especially if your brows need a little more help.


The Dipbrow has simplified the eyebrow application for me as to where the Brow Whiz had somewhat of a learning curve that no matter my efforts I could never truly master. Plus, I wasn’t in love with how my brows looked afterwards. Using an angled defining brush I can easily sculpt and define my brows from beginning to end, giving them shape while filling in every miniscule bald spot there may be without having to make it a point to fill those in. My brows look absolutely fantastic and this is a statement I will never use loosely because I’m quite sensitive about my eyebrows.


A VERY little goes a long way, there is no need to passive aggressively dip your brush into the product in order to gain good color payoff – there is plenty of that to begin with. I dip my brush in ever-so lightly and wipe of any excess product onto a paper towel before starting at the high point of my brow going towards the end tail and saving the fronts for the very end. It is worth mentioning that once you go to work on your brows, don’t take any breaks or get distracted because while the product is live it’s very workable and blends beautifully, however once it starts setting it will set like concrete and they will NOT move. Using the Dipbrow alone essentially makes a setting gel obsolete, there is really no need because it is a brow primer and setter all at once.

In terms of staying power, I have worn my brows well over the 10 hour mark as well as in scorching temperatures and torrential downpours and they remain in perfect shape. No fading, no smudging, no patches developing, no flaking, no nothing. They would perhaps stay intact throughout an apocalypse. Another element about the Dipbrow that is amazing is its potential to be used as a gel eyeliner. I frequently utilize it to line my eyes when the look calls for a more subtle liner application in lieu of black and in my honest opinion this performs equally to the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner selection.

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