The 5-Minute Face

January 19, 2015


The myth behind the 5-minute face? There’s no such thing as a 5-minute face. Once you calculate in the prepping stages of skincare prior and then knowing you personally can’t muster the energy in the morning to apply makeup quick enough to make it within the 5-minute realm, what you are really left with is a phenom called, half face whenever the fuck I feel like it’s done. I experience those days quite often. While on my off-days the notion of makeup does not even remotely enter as a distant thought in my mind, if I know I will be out in public anywhere but the grocery store for a quick errand and I slightly shock myself staring in the mirror, I will actually make a preemptive effort to pep my face up a bit with very minimal makeup. What I usually go for on those types of days is “dewy perfection”, meaning to look as natural as possible yet enhance the features with the help of a little thing called makeup.

Naturally, the first step after performing my skincare routine is to go in with a primer, I feel naked without putting on a primer first. Usually the Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer is the only primer I ever use for whatever kind of face I decide to wear that day, but I have had this travel-size That Gal Brightening Face Primer by Benefit laying around forever. It promises to make skin appear smoother and brighter so I’m rolling the dice with this one today. Let the record show that I’m definitely not a fan of the texture. Moving on, since my face has been acting out I want to kind of blur the current imperfections by applying a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer, as of right now I don’t own any of those two because I have not needed them in forever. So reaching into my backup stash I found this Bobbi Brown BB Cream sampler. No other time is more perfect to trying samplers on days where you have nowhere important to go, take it from me that you’ll be pleasantly surprised what new gems you may uncover.


Now that my faux dewy perfect base is in place, I will conceal the under eye area and around the sides of the nose using the Lorac Touch-Up To Go Concealer/Foundation Pen for a sheer coverage that I know will not settle into any lines. It has just that right amount of pigmentation to conceal but not make it appear like such. Even though I’m not oily and my concealer does not have a tendency to move around, I feel much better after I set the concealed areas with the NYX Set It Don’t Fret It powder, it’s a nice lightweight mineral powder that cements anything into place. Warming up the eyes with Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base, I will not be using any eyeshadow. The reason I love to use the Essence base is because as opposed to most eyeshadow primers that are either translucent or white, this is a colored shadow base that mimics the likes of a concealer. I could have used my concealer to do this job but it teeters too much towards the cooler side which can make my actual eyes appear sunken in. To cultivate on warming up the face, next I will define the high points using the NYX Wonder Pencil in Light and dab the inner corners of the eyes, between the brows, down the bridge of the nose, cupids bow, sides of the mouth, using my finger to blend product into the skin. Since my eyes need a little brightening I will line my waterline and accentuate the eyelid area in the center right above my pupil to make the blinkers look wide and awake.


Finalizing the ‘warming of’ the face portion, I quickly sweep the Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick all over the face for both a highlighted and bronzed look all at once without contouring or defining any features. Using the Nars Orgasm blush I dust the cheeks going slightly upwards towards the temples and dust the tip of the nose for a quasi- rosy cheeks effect but not making it look like I’m stuck in a Winter Wonderland movie on Lifetime where the cheeks are always so vibrant without any rhyme or reason but the rest of their faces never seem to be affected by the Hollywood sub-zero temps. Weird. Since I can’t leave my brows alone, using the Benefit Gimme Brow I will sweep the arches until they look somewhat emphasized but nothing too dramatic. If a dramatic impact is what I want I will coat the lashes in my trusted Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Mascara after curling them to embellish on the previous steps that made an effort towards making them more alive. I’ve been told that my eyes give away what kind of mood I’m in so getting my poker face on is of utmost importance, I like to keep people in anticipation instead. Or utter fear.

To amp up the angelic-like, ethereal strive, you can totally finish with a sheer pink lipstick to bring warmth and charm to the pucker. I personally don’t wear any lipstick nor gloss with this look and will opt for the Nivea Raspberry Rose Kiss lip balm instead. It’s slightly tinted so it will enliven my lips from their otherwise kind of zombie-like, I need more coffee, resemblance. Plus it smells so delightful.

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