How To Sharpen A Dull Razor

January 19, 2015


I’m just going to come right out and say it, razors are stupid expensive. No clue as to why but they just are. Needless to say that despite when your razor does go dull, going out and forking over the money to replace the blades can be rather a daunting task. Typically a razor can lasts a few months depending on frequency but soon enough you’ll notice it not functioning on full capacity. Hairs are left behind, it can’t get down to the stubble, it generally becomes painful to shave, you can cut yourself, etc. If you’re stubborn like me or your current budget doesn’t allow to spend a good chunk of change on razors, keep reading to find out how you can sharpen your dull blade.

What you’ll need:

– Old pair of jeans;


1. Lay jeans flat on hard surface;
2. With dry razor and while applying very little pressure, run the razor very swiftly down the pant leg going 10 times;
3. Turn razor in the other direction and do the same going upwards;
4. If razor remains dull, go through aforementioned steps or perform more strokes.


When applying light pressure you want to make sure you’re not trying to cut the jeans, all you want is to skim the surface ever so slightly.


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