Milani Baked Powder Blush

January 12, 2015


The O.G. blush from the drugstore, the hype is real. Finally after months of tracking it down I was able to find it at a grocery store rather than an actual drugstore and the cult favorite shade has been in my possession for well over a year now. If you’ve been looking to lock in this population’s point of cheeky authority, here’s why the hype is real:

Luminoso is one of those shades that could potentially qualify for the universal shade theory. It is a soft, peachy-coral color that appeals to a wide variety of skin tones, from the very pale to the deeper complexions because it gives skin a luminous effect – making the name all the more fitting. The dose of sheen which is NOT hyper shimmer veils the cheeks in a gorgeous illuminating finish that evokes the coveted “lit from within” look with a slight hint of shimmer. Like the Nars Orgasm. Despite that the words sheen and illuminating may be a bit alarming pertaining to blushes, I can profess that the shade is very soft and that the finish is not intense whatsoever. Luminoso just simply endows your cheeks with a beautiful, soft pop of color perfect to compliment all four seasons but definitely looks quite fabulous during the Summer when paired with the sunkissed bronzed goddess ensemble.



In above image you can see that the shade may come off as intense but I swatched using two very generous swipes, in fact the formula itself is quite sheer and you can build to layer to your desired payoff. On my rather pale inside of the arm the color teeters more towards the orange spectrum as opposed to straight coral, but like I said I very heavily swatched this and when on my cheeks where the application is controlled with a brush and product pickup according to my taste, the blush looks heavenly and compliments my complexion. It would definitely compliment olive skin tones as well as deeper tones. However for the deeper tones Corallina may be a more viable candidate since it’s an easier shade to achieve that bright pop of coral from. That being said, Luminoso works on deeper tones beautifully as well.

In conclusion, I love Luminoso because it’s flattering no matter what look I’m wearing or what season it is. While inducing an illuminating glow it also instantly warms up my complexion without being too overpowering. It’s nicely pigmented and doesn’t require that much building before anything shows up in terms of intensity, just a few strategic swipes and voila. This may just be one of the most effortless blushes I own, it is so easy and not mention gorgeous. Believe the hype.

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