My Current Morning Routine

January 9, 2015


Most mornings when I wake up it literally feels like I got hit by a truck. Which is kind of messed up considering I didn’t get drunk the night before, leaving no real justification for having a headache or needing a good 5 minutes sitting on the edge of the bed figuring out where the hell I am or where my pants are. The barriers of a rather painful awakening are definitely stacked against me which does not necessarily make me the most friendliest of people, especially pre- caffeine. Having properly sucked down the amount of coffee I need to finally somewhat walk normal and gain back functionality in both my thumbs, it is about that time to evoke the gods to give the me stamina to start my morning routine before I put my face on.


After staring into a void that reflects back my deader than dead complexion whilst waiting for the water to reach an accommodating lukewarm temp, I wash my face with the good ole Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It’s a very mild and straight-forward cleanser that kind of falls in the basic realm. Nothing fancy but very effective – being basic has its benefits. One thing I swear by to reduce the risk of breakouts is either using a different towel to dry my face during the routine or using paper towels. I teeter more towards using paper towels as it is more gentle than the fibers often times found on towels plus it decreases the chances of cross-contamination because they are one-time use only. Next I will use my favorite Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner to balance out my complexion and give it that extra boost of hydration whilst giving it a thorough cleanse. I don’t really get that experimental with toners, once I find one that is gentle, does its job and makes my skin feel really good then I tend to stick with it. On certain days where I spot multiple zits in the conceiving stage, you know before they sprout to the surface manifesting in good-sized bumps, I will dowse a cotton pad in the Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Controlling Astringent. Albeit that it is effective to a certain degree, I do find that it is rather harsh and kind of promotes redness in the pimples that takes a while for it to go away. A downside I’m definitely not a fan of.


My favorite serum of the moment is the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen Booster, it pulls everything together while inducing a semi-glow. Although I’m not in love with the actual texture once it touches skin, you have to work fast to massage it in before it dries up, it comes with this lovely and subdued citrus smell that is suprisingly pleasant and not overwhelming. A great addition besides the coffee in order to wake up all of my senses really. And no, at this point I’m still not even close to being fully awake. I’ve been using the Lancome High Resolution Refill-X3 Sunscreen recently. After receiving this in a goodie bag from the perfume counter that came with a full set of the La Vie est Belle fragrance collection, it stayed in my stash bag for quite some time. Never have I really used a sunscreen infused product because the texture and often times greasy film it leaves underneath makeup after a few hours resembles something fiercely close to a slip-n-slide. No bueno. Then during one of the days where I pled abstinance from my makeup for a day I decided to pull this bad boy out and see what it was all about. What better days to experiment with new product than on days where you have nowhere to go, right? After wearing it for a couple of hours all of my preconceived notions towards sunscreen moisturizers were banished because this felt absolutely amazing. It’s a triple action renewal anti-wrinkle cream that comes with an SPF factor of 15. Performing in all aspects of catering to skin; hydration, moisturization, sun protection and fighting those evil wrinkles, I may or may not have fallen in love with this product.

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