Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation

January 8, 2015


Smashbox has never let me down in the past, so when the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation was released I did not hesitate to make the jump and give it a try. Mainly what drew me to the foundation was the promise of a “natural-looking” wear, and since I don’t necessarily need a full coverage foundation, having the option to build product without that ugly heaviness to it was a plus in my book.


It’s a medium to full coverage foundation and can be built upon preference. A little goes a very long way, and one drop covers half of my face, while at the same time offers the instant coverage I crave. It has a gorgeous natural-looking finish that doesn’t fall flat or go matte the longer it sits. It’s your face, only in plus. The overall formula is hydrating that has no tendency of looking shiny at the end of the day;

But beware, whether it’s due to the deep pigmentation or maybe how the product is formulated, the shades tend to teeter more towards the dark spectrum. Even shade 1.1 Fair came out surprisingly darker than how it resembled in the bottle when swatched on the back of my hand. So go in with caution and get color matched if necessary, don’t go on feel or look.


I love how it applies, very smooth and blends beautifully without streaking or appearing patchy. Feels very lightweight as opposed to a lot of liquid foundations that tend to feel heavy and greasy straight from the bottle. The overall feel is like a thin veil with one of the most amazing finishes, ever. And surprisingly the lasting power it true to its name, this foundation has sat on my face for that long. Although let the record show I don’t recommend anyone wearing makeup for that long.

On a side note though, there’s one major con to the line and that it is entirely geared towards women with yellow undertones. There’s no pink undertone to be found. As you can see from the images, my shade has yellow to it, however I have a neutral undertone that teeters more towards pink. The way I can make this foundation work without looking like I accidentally caught Jaundice is by taking advantage of the lightweight coverage it offers, which I can thank to my very even complexion that doesn’t need a lot of foundation in the first place. Also, it helps to pull it down the neck and the chest area. In an experiment, the more I built it to a full coverage, the more the yellow tint came out, so I finagled it to finding a butter edge where the yellow doesn’t stand out so much. Just beware of that factor when wanting to purchase it.

While it’s not a wise choice to opt for a differently colored undertone in foundation that’s not your personal undertone, I had my mind set on trying this foundation after reading a lot of the feedback it received. If I could make any constructive suggestions to Smashbox it would be to include pink undertones in this line, that would really make it the whole megillah and more available to everyone.

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