How To Recycle Your Old Or Unused Makeup

January 5, 2015


Okay, admit it – there are probably 1-2 makeup products in your collection that you have barely used or either stopped using all together. That’s alright because instead of letting it rot away at the bottom of your drawer until finally one day, a few years later, you decide to throw it in the trash, there are a few ways to you can recycle your old makeup.

Revive – Turn your barely used makeup into a ‘return-on-investment’ item by finding creative ways to revive and reuse it. This Buzzfeed article covered 14 easy ways to repurpose anywhere from old liners to glitter pigments and even old lipstick for you to gain the extra mile and buck out of your old makeup;

Empty containers? No problem! Not many people seem to know about this concept yet or just don’t care, for the life of me I don’t know why not, but many beauty brands have recycle rewards programs. For instance, MAC honors its loyal clientele by handing out a free lipstick for every 6 empty containers they turn in. So for being eco-friendly, you get a goodie for free. Double-whammy. But MAC is not the only beauty giant making a proactive effort towards doing their part to preserve the planet, many others do so as well like the ones below:

Kiehl’s | Kiehl’s rewards you for bringing back empty bottles in return for stamps. The stamp card program ensures every customer who brings back a empty full-size product gets one stamp on their card in return – once you’ve reached 10 stamps, you can choose any travel-sized product for free. Read more about the program right here;

Origins | Origins will not give you any free product in return for bringing in empty packages, but they do offer the opportunity for you to bring in any and all empty products and they will recycle it for you for free. And no, there’s no restriction on brand. What points do you get in return? Brownie points, just do it. Read more about the program right here

Lush | The bath & body giant has already made great efforts in reducing product waste by offering ‘naked’ items, a.k.a., products without packaging. Just in case you do purchase one of those delicious black pots, Lush offers their own recycling program where you can bring back 5 clean, empty black pots to your local shop in return for a Fresh Face Mask. Read more about the program right here;

Hand-me-down – If I have products laying around that I’ve maybe only used once and are within expiration date, I will hand it down to someone in my family I know will appreciate it. Even though we’re family, to eliminate any germs or general impurities I will take a clean paper towel and remove the top layer of a powder product. Like blush, bronzer, eyeshadow. Liquids like eyeliner or mascara never survives in my collection nor lipstick. If on a general occasion I truly don’t like the product, I will hand liner, mascara, lipstick to my very creative niece and let her make artwork with it;

Donate unused products – At some point we’ve all bought products we thought were a good idea and it never left the packaging in the end. If you have any unopened makeup laying around, consider donating it to your local women’s shelter or general shelters that may provide help to women getting back on their feet;

Empty container alternative – If you have no way of donating empty packaging to any of the beauty brand rewards programs, thoroughly clean out the packaging and then toss it in your own recycle bin upon checking if your recycle center will accept so.

How do you rid of unused or old makeup items?

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