The Everyday Survival Kit

January 2, 2015


The keep-on-you-at-all-times emergency kit is perhaps the most pivotal survival item one keeps in their everyday bag. Besides your phone, this is your lifeline to get you and your makeup through the day until you can get home and take all that crap off. Finally!


First things first, I NEED an instant wake-me-up. Sometimes my incessant sucking down Starbucks doesn’t prevent my eyelids from wanting to shutter on me despite the high levels of caffeine flooding through my veins. I may have picked up an addiction over the years. The next best thing to shock me back to life is a blast of the Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb and Rosewater. The delightful herbal and floral solution mists my face in a veil of key ingredients that gives my face a much-needed boost of hydration besides a little nourishment. Sometimes as a form meditation and relaxation when my mind gets to that CAN’T DEAL stage part of the day I like to tend to my nails, oddly enough filing down on my digits with a Ms. Manicure file acts like a form of breathing exercises. Let the record show that 9/10 I’m in a fair mood, then people happen. I don’t do people. That’s where I need a few deep breaths to compose myself.

For some odd reason I keep a package of NYX Matte Blotting Papers on me. I’m not oily, nor do I ever get greasy but yet I keep them on me. I guess for those you-never-know cases. Or when someone else’s T-zone is blinding me because the sun reflects off of it right into my eyeballs. I can offer them a helping hand. That’s not rude, right?Spending long hours away from my vanity is not always conducive with looking my very best, or event-appropriate. For immediate touch-ups I ALWAYS keep Lorac Pro To Go on my person. This is perhaps the only true, permanent staple in my bag. Not only does it come with a good-sized mirror and application brushes, in a snap I can take my makeup from day to night by simply changing up the shadow look. In particular Chai and Mink are gorgeous shades to blend together for a little smokey goodness. If I need a slight more smokey effect using the black shade from the Pro To Go, I will do so using a q-tip since the classic medicine cabinet staple acts exactly as a proper smudging brush. Plus, it’s just always good to keep q-tips on you in any makeup emergency case – including for that disgusting gunk that tends to build up in the inner corner of the eye over the course of a day. Gross.


Another major staple, and topic of ridicule, is my bottle of Ulta Freshwater Mist Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Sanitizer I always keep on me and quite frequently use throughout the day. Yes, I get mocked for obsessively sanitizing my hands whenever I touch something outside of my own home confines. Previously I always kept a travel-size of Germ-X on me but it left my hands feeling very dry afterwards. This Ulta sanitizer moisturizes and conditions my hands so they feel soft each time I use it. Besides, it smells so much better than that overly sterile hospital smell Germ-X is formulated with. Chewing gum habitually is the substitute that makes up for quitting my nicotine habit after 18 years, which the jolt of peppermint is amazingly refreshing in the mouth. I almost feel rejuvinated after popping a stick. To seal in the minty so fresh and so clean feeling I dab a little Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 if I’m not exactly feeling the whole reapplying my lipstick but still want/need something on my pout. The Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color in Blush Beige is pretty much my everyday go-to shade because it is super universal, complimenting both my day and night looks. Nicely pigmented that balances the right amount of beige and brown, this nude shade is not too cool or too warm but just right that goes with any time of the day or event. Still not exactly holy grail material but it works.

To gain extra mileage out of my lipstick I will layer NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper in Angelina atop of it in order to prevent having to reapply every hour. Now, despite it’s a lip plumper, this doesn’t give you Angelina lips but the hint of mint will pleasantly tingle your lips and make you feel very much alive and healthy. This gloss is also one of the very few where I don’t mind the texture or consistency, it doesn’t deliver that sticky nastiness others tend to deliver on. And if I do find myself going straight into dinner later in the day and I decide to amp up the vixen factor, I will waterline using a travel-size Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx. It’s the perfect waterproof matte black liner that doesn’t smudge or falls victim to Oregon’s torrential downpours that I’m tortured with each and every single day. Normally I’d never line my eyelids using a kohl pencil, but if I’m feeling frisky and want to kick up the bold factor, this is a kohl liner that I don’t mind doing it with since it specifically gives me a precise look every time. The actual tip is so much different from regular kohl liners, god bless I can’t put my finger on it, with a creamy application that stays up to par with however long I may be out for the night.

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