What Your Breakouts Could Reveal About Your Health

December 30, 2014


Where your breakouts are located says a lot about your skin’s health. At some point in time each of us have faced or proceed to face a chronic breakout situation repeatedly located in the exact same area. Whether that be the forehead, the chin, nose, etc., an entire crop seemingly sprouts up at a frequent pace in said part of the face. Much to our heartbreak especially if you were only just able to calm them down. Often we diagnose ourselves because of articles we read, popular myths ruling the roost or what we’ve been told, doing this could lead to the incorrect assumption as to why these breakouts may appear. In fact, we all blame it on hormones, right? Whenever a breakout happens we all tend to teeter towards ole faithful, but in reality your organs are connected to specific parts of the face which what’s happen with the organs is the real cause of your breakouts. Stemming back from ancient Chinese practices in medicine and even used in clinical settings today is the concept of ‘face mapping’. Face mapping is a handy tool utilized to pinpoint where the breakouts occur and unearthing the underlying issue as to why it occurs by connecting the area to an organ. So let’s say you have a frequently massive breakout on your nose, face mapping will connect the nose to its rightful organ or body part. This ancient and very demystifying solution gives you as an individual the opportunity to fix something that may lie within your lifestyle that could exacerbate the bane of your existence. Or your pretty face.

Starting at the forehead working down to the chin, let’s take a look at the cause, effect and possible fix for those annoying zits.

1. Forehead – A breakout in the general forehead area is more likely caused by stress and lack of sleep;

2. Forehead/Above the eyebrows – Linked to the liver, a breakout in the region above the eyebrows is connected to a diet that for the most majority consists of junk food, fatty foods and processed foods. The first step here would be to scale back on any of the aforementioned and start cooking with fresher ingredients;

3. Between the eyebrows – Linked to the liver, smoking, regular alcohol consumption, and a overall bad diet all contribute to frequent breakouts happening in that part of the T-zone. Once again, scale back on the junk food, try substituting alcohol for water and cut back on smoking;

4. Nose – Linked to the lungs and heart, a breakout on the nose is connected to once again a not-so sensible diet. High salt intake, red meats, etc., could all be possible aggravators in this instance. Try readjusting your diet by incorporating more healthier foods like fruits, veggies and certain nuts like Almonds. If that doesn’t deliver any results, get your Vitamin B levels checked out, it may just be as simple as a defiency which is easily fixed by upping your daily Vitamin B intake;

5. Eye area – Linked to the kidneys, anything that happens around the eyes from breakouts to dark circles is connected to dehydration. Assure that you are consuming enough water;

6. Cheeks – Linked to the respiratory system, breakouts on either cheek are connected to either allergies, smoking or overheating. Start by putting yourself in situations where more fresh air roams. Also, try eating cooling foods like cucumbers to keep your body at normal temperature;

7. Mouth – Linked to mostly again the liver, the region above your mouth (kind of the ‘mustache’ area if you will) is another dietary factor that could be due to fried, fatty foods. You already know what to do;

8. Sides of the chin – Linked to the hormonal system, breakouts located on the sides of the chin are connected to you either about to start your period or depending on what side of the chin it’s on, that ovary may be ovulating that month. Weird huh? That being said, stress and lack of sleep may also have something to do with it. Try to get some more restful sleep consisting of at least 7 hours, get your eating in check and do some exercises or breathin exercises to calm down the stress factor;

9. Chin – Linked to mostly your stomach, breakouts here may be connected to your digestion. Step up daily fiber intake. Also, drinking spearmint tea may help with your digestive tract;

10. Neck/chest – Linked to your immune system, the odd placement of a singular pimple on the neck/chest area is a sign that your immune system and body are working hard to fight some sort of bacteria to avoid becoming sick. In this case it’s better that you take it easy so your body can do what it needs to do. Drink plenty of water, keep taking your vitamins, sleep properly and eat well.

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