When To Replace Your General Beauty Tools

December 29, 2014


Besides establishing a close relationship with our trusted makeup products, we also almost unbeknownst establish a relationship with our beauty tools. And unfortunately just like our products expire and call for their end destination to become the trash can, same calls for our tools of the trade. Anywhere from dullness to expiration, to bacteria harbors and more, find out when it’s time to bid farewell to your everyday go-to tools.

Loofah. Bacteria and mold brew the quickest in warm, moist environments and guess where your loofah is located? When a loofah is not updated frequently, this grossness can spread to your skin. Professionals recommend to replace your loofah every 4 weeks;

Razor. Besides cleaning your razor after everytime you use it, when dullness appears or rust spots are detected, it’s time to throw it out;

Hair brush. Once bristles are broken or missing, it’s time to replace your brush. To extend its lifespan, clean out once a week of all hairs and perform a deep cleansing ritual once per month to rid it off any potential bacteria that stem from the dead skin cells picked up from your scalp while brushing;

Eyelash curler. There is no real expiration date on when to toss a lash curler, however once your curler starts losing tension that’s when it’s time. If your curler has pads, it’s best to replace them every 4-6 months or when they become frayed/damaged/torn;

Metal tools. Nail clippers, tweezers, any beauty tool that contains metal at any point should be replaced once you start seeing rust or any form of corrosion;

Makeup brush. You are in full control of the shelf life of your makeup brushes, which taking meticulous care of them by regular cleaning and maintenance determines when their span ends. But, there does come a point where a brush is no longer salvageable and that is when bristles become frayed and ratty;

Makeup sponge. While we’re on the topic of makeup applicators, once your sponge starts to crack it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to harbor inside those tiny crevices. While weekly cleaning is recommended, besides cracks appearing you should replace your sponge every 3 months or so;

Cosmetic bag/pouch. I don’ think I need to embellish on this, you know yourself when your makeup bag has peaked;

Tooth brush. Also a number one bacteria harbor because not only does it sit in a moist, warm environment, tooth brushes are wet most of the time themselves so all-in-all pose the perfect source for little creatures to breed and multiply on. According to dental professionals you should replace your brush every 3 months in order to effectively keep brushing your teeth while bristles are intact;

Tweezers. Besides rust or corrosion appearing, there’s no real need to replace your tweezers quite regularly. That is unless they start to lose their tension or sharpness to pick up the hairs;

Nail file. This may be very obvious but once a nail file starts to lose its sandpaper grating abilities, it is time;

Pumice stone. On the contrary, a pumice stone literally won’t last forever even if it may seem so at first. Either a pumice stone grinds down until nothing is left, or becomes too smooth to perform its essential duty. If you have a pumice that doesn’t grind down in size with use you should replace it every 3 months because caluses are dead skin cells and they will especially build up on a pumice stone.

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