Long Hair Really Doesn’t Care

December 24, 2014


Hair is my least favorite aspect of my routine or just beauty in general. It doesn’t interest me, it doesn’t rock my world, I don’t get excited about new products or trends, it leaves me as cold as being around people does. Of course, like every other girl I want thick, voluminous hair that instantly sits the way it’s supposed to as soon as I get out of bed, unfortunately I wasn’t blessed in that way and instead received fine hair that is naturally straight. Leaving a few things to the imagination in terms of body. I feel that this really applies to how I abstain from establishing a concrete routine. I don’t wash my hair everyday, and even when I do it is as effortless yet effective as it could possibly be. Albeit as futile as it may appear at first by not taking that immense of care for my hair, reading many articles over the years my lackluster attitude towards hair care is in fact encouraged by a percentage of the beauty industry to promote healthier hair. Who knew?

And since I do not wash my hair that frequently, don’t judge because it does’t get greasy as quick as others, my step-by-step routine may consist a little bit more of product whenever I do wash it. It’s kind like I’m trying to make up for neglecting my dome any other day.

Before I wash my hair, I brush my hair really well since I do have long, fine hair that tends to knot like unholy hell. By brushing it beforehand I am minimizing the risk of it knotting to an unmanageable extent. Rinsing it with lukewarm water to thoroughly wet it, I lather up using the Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo starting at my scalp and massaging the product into the hairline and crown especially, whatever is leftover on my hands I will gently run through the remaining strands. I won’t allow shampoo to stay in my hair for too long because I personally feels it sucks most of the moisture out of my mane, it feels quite rough afterwards which is an element that all shampoos have always given me. Rinsing it out immediately until all product is gone, I go in with the Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Cream Conditioner starting at the main strands and working the product between hairs ever-so gently with my fingers, leaving the top of my head for last which I don’t necessarily work the product into the scalp. I just slightly mind the direct area away from the roots and that is about it. I will let the conditioner work for a good 5 minutes while I multi-task and go to work soaping up myself using the Suave Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Moisturizing Body Wash. Leaving the conditioner in for a while assures my hair not knotting in the process of when I finally do rinse it out and I use a wide-tooth comb to delicately comb my hair. I comb my hair in the process of washing to decrease potential breakage afterwards when I may be forced to jam through any existing knots.

Then, I coat my hair in a 5-minute Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque by Shea Moisture. I love just about anything that contains oceanic ingredients and this contains kelp, plus argain oil and shea butter which are amazing products to repair dry, damaged hair. Now depending on how I feel, because I may just be over it already, using a multipurpose oil like the argain oil by Josie Maran, I will work the product through my hair and wrap my head in a towel for 15-20 minutes. This method restores hydration and supremely moisturizes the mane in its entirety. Since I do believe shampoo strips your hair of essential nutrients and moisture, I like to save the oil step for last. Now that I’m done I pat dry my hair and let it hang out instead of wrapping it up or putting a clip in it, immediately I run for the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin and spritz it all over for manageability with the added bonus of that it nourishes hair and works to restore luster back. Letting this sit for a good couple of minutes while I finish my after-shower routine before my final step of once again turning to oil for silky, soft hair by working in the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal with Argan oil, focusing mainly on the roots and the tips. Depending on if I feel like it, I may blow-dry my hair but I tend to teeter more towards letting my hair air-dry instead to minimize heat damage and risk of dryness.

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