Swatching: Too Faced La Creme Lipstick In Nude Beach

December 23, 2014


As most know, I go hard for nude lipsticks. A nude pout is the perfect answer to a smokey eye, a gorgeous counterpart during any time of the day regardless of makeup application – it’s universal and I’m its #1 groupie. I prefer a nude shade that us not too pale because it tends to turn quite chalky, but also not too dark or brown either, just a shade that compliments my makeup and skin tone. Which apparently is a tall order according to the proverbial collection of nudes I have going on that continues to grow. Suffice to say, every time I spot a nude shade it will most likely end up in my possession. I first spotted the Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Nude Beach during a Too Faced video tutorial on Sephora’s Youtube channel, and of course following said video a week later I included this shade in my latest Sephora haul. For the record, I NEVER order lipstick online since I prefer to swatch it first in person before I decide to spend over $20 on a lipstick. Crazy talk. But I decided to take a leap with this one and if it sucked then it sucked. Fortunately, the $21 gamble paid off because I actually kind of like it – Despite that it’s not the nude that I was really looking for.

Although I’m starting to think the nude that I’m looking for doesn’t exist …


Nude Beach is a deep, semi- pale pinkish nude that works quite well for my neutral complexion but would definitely flatter much better on medium / to tan skin tones. It is a very refreshing, everyday nude shade that instantly warms up the face. The initial application is very smooth due to the balm-like consistency of the lipstick and has a creamy, luminous finish that is subtle enough for it to not look like you slathered your pout in crisco. While wearing it I noticed that the lipstick was surprisingly hydrating and did not result in that annoying tightness or those awkward colored flakes some tend to induce over a period of moderate/regular wear time. The lipstick wore well over 3 hours before I had to reapply.

Since it is such a moisturizing lipstick, applying it is very much like a treat and does not streak or go beyond the natural lip line which tends to an issue with a lot of moisturizing lipstick formulas. Color payoff and deposit are very even, it definitely doesn’t teeter to too sheer or too heavy, rather the lipstick gives the wearer control so you can go as light or as heavy as your heart may desire.


One element that definitely stood out to me from the moment I took the cap off was its fragrance, while some scented products can definitely be too overpowering this is quite a subtle smell that fades about after 5 minutes. Also, there is no taste which is a big plus since I’m not really fitting to incorporate lipstick residue into my diet.

All-in-all, despite that this is not that elusive holy grail nude that I’ve been hunting for, I find that it has pushed the reset button on my current nude shade collection because it adds that warm veil without too many conflicting brown/beige/red undertones trying to vy for attention. It is that perfect everyday lip you can literally wear anywhere, in fact I have been wearing it quite a lot and have received numerous compliments on the color.

See the full La Creme lip collection right here.

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