The Paper Mask

December 19, 2014


Korean skincare has been trending for quite some time now. Lengthy 10-step routines that solely focus on skin as a first priority, and powerhouse products nobody would otherwise second glance at have now become the favorites of women the world over. A particular trend that’s very much bopping in the recent months, and perhaps Korea’s biggest beauty hit besides bringing Essence to light, are paper face masks. Packed with hydration, restorative ingredients, anti-aging proprieties, and what have you, these one-time use masks are a step to be incorporated after washing and toning your everyday skincare routine. The individual paper sheets are soaked in various beauty ingredients and are shaped to perfectly contour to your face for maximum impact. Although it may resemble as a slightly odd version of Jason’s hockey mask and you look anything but cute in it, just remember that these mask deliver full/high doses of key product in a short amount of time that not even your everyday serums or creams could deliver on.

As much as I love makeup, perhaps I’m even more obsessed with skincare because to me that’s where it all starts. I started using the Sephora brand Paper Masks somewhere around Summer this year I think it was. For $6 each I could not pass up experimenting with this latest dubbed miracle system for the skin, and ever since I started using them my skin has been serious business in the moisture and glow departments. I love how effective these masks are and the actual immediate results portray. And I am definitely the least patient person in the world so the fact that instant improvements appeared was a big deal in using these. At a certain point Sephora started selling a 6-piece sampler set of their paper masks which sold for $25 (don’t quote me on that), but was limited edition and of course now they’re gone which renders me having to buy bulk.

Despite that the Sephora masks have been treating me very well, my wandering eye can’t be tamed and I have already scoped out a few different brands that sell their own paper masks that I’m very eager to try. Previously as a VERY guilty splurge, I tried the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, which is absolutely fantastic and luxurious beyond belief. However ringing in at $135 for 10 masks, this is not a feasible and sustainable skincare habit. I love taking care of my skin, I would do anything for it but that’s freakin’ ridiculous. Borderline sacreligious. Karuna came out with their own sampler set, the Skin Transformation Kit comes with 6 cloth masks and 1 undereye mask that focuses on a multitude of skin issues. This is the mask set I will end up getting next. My third option which I will probably end up getting the same time as the Karuna kit is the Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask for the simple fact that those hormonal breakouts I experienced leading up to my 30th birthday have left major acne scars and dark spots. Never in my life have I had to deal with a scar stemming from a zit, now my face is almost literally riddled in them. A brightening mask/product essentially will lighten dark spots and scars, balancing the skin tone to give one an even complexion, needless to say that I really need this set to hopefully restore some order to my face.

Clé de Peau Beauté – Intensive Brightening Mask;
Amorepacific – Moisture Bound Refreshing Masque;
Karuna – Skin Transformation Kit;
Giorgio Armani – Luminessence Mask;
SK-II – Facial Treatment Mask;
Sephora Collection – Face Mask;
La Mer – The Hydrating Facial Mask;

Tell me, are you or have you been using paper face masks? Which is your top and your least favorites?

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