The One, The Only, Nivea Creme

December 16, 2014


My sentiments towards Nivea Creme go really deep. Like me and chocolate double-stuffed Oreo’s, it’s real and it’s deep. Nothing else could possibly explain one item being such a big part of my everyday routine for 19 years this year. 19! The third generation in my family to use this exact skincare staple, Nivea Creme was my very first effort and attempt to practice a healthy, balanced skincare routine. Despite that at 11 years old I was not even aware of how relevant skincare was in any sense of the word. I just used it because it was always sitting on my mother’s vanity next to her expensive bottle of Chanel No.5. I would slather my face in one, and drench myself in the other. Needless to say, the famous blue tin, or glass jar in this case, has remained in my skincare regimen ever since, it is the one face lotion I can always truly count on.

Just like most items in my skincare rotation, I become bored or tiresome of the product and I want to be adventurous, straying for a while in hopes of finding something else that works equally as good but had a different name. Usually, this always led to more disappointment than any satisfactory results, certain cases even utter dispair and a flow of tears because my skin had some sort of reaction to it. Other day cremes I have flirted with in the past never lived up to what I had grown accustomed to from the Nivea Creme. They lacked in moisture and hydration components, the consistency didn’t feel right, they did nothing for the texture of my skin, they smelled bad, etc. Each time afterwards I had a rendezvous with Nivea and my skin would restore itself to the clear, dewy glory I had come to know it as.

I use Nivea for everything: As my day cream. As a base underneath makeup prior to a primer for the perfect canvas and as an extra barrier between skin and cosmetics. As an eye makeup remover, yes it’s that gentle. I can spot a zit while doing my evening routine, dab a dollop of Nivea on it and by morning time it’s gone. No dark marks or scarring detected. I kid you not. Some nights I will go through countless hours of crying and be extremely puffy by morning time – I will slather on some Nivea very thick as a makeshift mask and the puffiness will be reduced within an hour. Especially after I store it in the fridge for a good while before applying it topically. The rich formula hydrates, evens, smooths and just balances my complexion like no other I’ve experimented with in the past. To me, it’s everything. It’s my holy grail of skincare staples and it only costs $5.42 at Walmart for 13.5 oz.

My skin is normal/dry and it works like a miracle. This would actually be quite perfect for someone with dry skin because it’s so potent in hydration and the consistency doesn’t dry out while on the skin. Especially in Winter, this is an amazing ally to have in your collection. For someone who is oily/combination I would not necessarily recommend this because it may be too heavy and greasy to an extent, you could try at your own discretion and see how it looks/feels.

Since I’m not the jealous type or am hoarding the secret to great skin all for myself, I share it with everyone around me in my family, with my friends, … even random strangers who apparently study my skin up and down when I’m not wearing any makeup. Which is kind of creepy. It’s a very simple product that I find is very underrated and that has been around since my grandmother started using it when she was younger. My mother has been using it for close to 3 decades, and I’ve been using it for almost 2, and there’s a reason why it’s been in our family for that long. My husband has joked in the past that the Nivea creme is the reason why I still look like I did at 16. “I’m falling apart the older I get and you still look exactly like when I met you!”. Although I would never state that claim, I would also not entirely dismiss it. I firmly believe that the deeply potent moisturizing components in Nivea locks in all the moisture inside the skin which leads to clearer, healthier and a more dewy complexion. Especially when you have a certain routine mastered, your skin reaps the benefits in the long run.

Must-have, can’t live without, no bargaining.

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