DIY Facial Scrub Using Common Pantry Staples

December 12, 2014


When it comes to bringing your skin to life there are two key elements you’ll want to focus on: 1) Hydration and 2) Exfoliation. Both are the ultimate factors that determine how our complexion appears, but since we’ve received the note that Summer is SO over they are even more pivotal right now. In order to prevent chapped lips, flaking skin and overall dryness, not only is it recommended to stock up on the hydration proportions, but that you should also very much pay mind to exfoliate your skin regularly. Exfoliating removes the top layer of skin which contains dead skin cells that hinder the production of new cells (which helps with the aging aspect) but can also clog pores which leads to breakouts. Plus, dead skin cells equals a layer of dullness and when removed it reveals bright, glowing skin. I have been using a homemade, natural scrub for years simply because I don’t necessarily trust store bought scrubs too much. Shall we mention the plastic microbeads found in most exfoliators? This honey and sugar scrub is not just quick and easy, but is also very cost efficient since it involves common pantry items and you can use it for your face, lips, body and palms. The result of this scrub is smooth, soft and glowing skin.

Make sure you’re not allergic to any of these ingredients and as always before diving into something head-on, try a small test patch first to see how your skin reacts.


Start with a clean face and hands.

The measurements of this recipe are completely contingent on what you’re using it for whether it is face or body, you will have to adjust the measurements. The above recipe is for the face.


1) Add 3 teaspoons of brown sugar to your mixing bowl;
2) Next, add 2 teaspoons of e.v.o.o. Assure that the oil ratio is always lesser than the sugar or else it will drown out the texture that you need for the actual scrubbing portion;
3) Drizzle a somewhat generous amount of honey. This is one of those eyeball situations because you don’t want to go too much nor too little. Can you tell I haven’t used measurements in years?
4) For the final step mix it all together until you have a grainy paste similar to what it looks like in image #4. Voila!

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