4 Surprising Uses For Translucent Powder Besides Setting Makeup

December 7, 2014


Translucent powder is one of the ultimate makeup chameleons that should have a permanent spot in your collection. It’s an amazingly versatile product that can do just about anything besides the obvious setting of your makeup. In fact, there are 4 other uses for translucent powder that goes beyond serving its intended purpose that you may not have heard about, but should definitely try after this.

1. To catch eyeshadow fallout: If you’ve applied your foundation prior to eyeshadow, there may be a chance of some fallout. Before applying any shadow, dust translucent powder of the area because any flakes that fall onto the powder will stick to it. Then when you’re done, just sweep it off without ruining your foundation;

2. As dry shampoo: Sprinkle translucent powder out of the jar/pot directly onto your roots, work it in with your fingers and done – no more greasy hair;

3. Instant lash plumper: Apply 1 coat of mascara, take a q-tip with translucent powder and apply it to the lashes until ashen. Apply 1 more coat of mascara. Voila, va-va-voom lashes. P.S., you can also do this trick with baby powder;

4. Mattify oily lids: Apply concealer over the lids and set with powder, the powder will soak up all of the excess oil.

What do you use translucent powder for?

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