Got Chronic Breakouts? Cover Your Face In Mud

December 6, 2014


Three months almost to the date before my 30th birthday my skin started freaking out. And I mean freaking out. What resulted in clogged comedones (clogged pores) induced by using e.v.o.o. as a facial oil, a dumbass move on my part, came paired with some of the heaviest breakouts of my life – considering I have never had one not even as a teen. These random, big craters that hurt like hell came popping up everywhere, especially in the lower region of my face around my chin and lower jaw area. Clogged comedones aside, these giant unicorns growing out my face had to go – I have no such time nor patience for this kind of mind fuckery so I naturally went through my surefire tricks on how to shorten their lifespan. From dabbing Nivea on it overnight to the Greek Yogurt trick, to letting them run their course while cave-manning it, nothing worked because these things were on a whole different level. They lingered around longer, were bigger and once I finally had hope that they started to slowly go away, an entire new crop (and I mean 6-7 strong at a time) would pop up again. It was never ending. Many meltdowns ensued and it literally came to the point where I didn’t want to leave the house anymore. Mustering up the strength to stare at my once model-like flawless complexion in the mirror, yes Karlie Kloss would’ve been jealous, I decided to wage war on my skin and not just for the zits, for the clogged comedones as well. The clogged comedones I will discuss in a later article because holy crap, those are a pain in the ass to combat.


Talking to my hair dresser and other women that all appeared to be around my age complained about the exact same issue, their skin broke out like nothing else before they turned 30. One of them said they read that because of hormonal fluctuation acccompanying the 30 mark that your skin changes and manifests itself through breaking out for a while, rebelling against you like an Amish teenager set free into the world. Or like Katie Holmes when she escaped Tom Cruise. Anyway. The theory made sense to me because our bodies do change I believe every 7 years or so, but I never cursed Mother Nature harder considering I have to wear size 9 heels and have to shop the A-cup aisle, and this broad decides to fuck with me during the most monumental time of my life. Not cool.

And to be clear, a pimple or acne breakout is usually caused by bacteria which fester in the skin. When breakouts occur it’s because those bacteria are multiplying when skin goes through changes as a result of hormonal releases.


Previously when I spotted a zit before going to bed, all I had to do was dab a dot of Nivea Creme before going to sleep on the culprit and by morning time it was gone. If I was dealing with a more stubborn zit, I would use the Mario Badescu Drying Mask and let that sit overnight as well to pull out the redness and decrease the bump size. Only in extreme emergencies would I use 100% Greek Yogurt and let it sit for about 30 minutes. 100% Greek Yogurt contains Lactic Acid which helps to clear up a zit faster. Consider Greek Yogurt the insta-zapper. All of my trusted remedies worked to no avail. These things had to be the work of the devil or something. Just before I lost all hope, while scrolling Sephora I stumbled upon the Glamglow Clearing Treatment. Owning the Thirstymud, I do know that Glamglow products work pretty well, I just never wanted to fork out $69 for a clearing mask before but at this point I was throwing my money at anything that promised would work.


Hands down the best treatment I’ve ever found for battling the continuing progression of giant zits has been the Glamglow Clearing Treatment. Hands.down. When I first received the jar, after my daily cleansing routine I applied a full-face of the mud and let it sit for 20 minutes. As the mud was working, there was a good amount of bacteria being pulled to the surface which was kind of gross to witness, but cool at the same time because it signaled that this may just really be working. Of course a one-time use didn’t necessarily improve my complexion, however my skin felt oddly clean and very lightweight all of a sudden. Still at the end of the day I had these unicorns to deal with. Reading the instructions, you can use this mask to spot treat and let it sit overnight. Once again like I had done many times before I let this go to work while I dream about having clear skin again, but lo and behold when I woke up the next morning and washed any remaining mud off my face, the zit was virtually gone. Flattened to a very tiny bump with no trace of redness to be found. Insert the Carlton dance right here. Now that it has been almost 2 months since I started using this mask in combination with other products, my skin has considerably calmed down. While I do get a zit here and there due to shark week, the new crops that kept sprouting previously have so far seized. Knock on wood. The clogged comedones have significantly decreased in numbers as well. Knock on wood for that too. Natural remedies and my otherwise old tricks for vanishing zits aside, I have to realize that my skin will not always remain like it was when I was 16, it changes and I have to adapt to those changes and this may call for other products to come to arms. The Glamglow Clearing Treatment has definitely improved the somewhat recurring issue I experience, and if I have to tell you to drop 70 bucks on a mask, I’m telling you that this is it.

For those who battle acne-prone or breakout-prone skin, I highly recommend visiting a dermatologist if nothing takes effect or if you’re not comfortable using store products.

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