10 Foods That Double As Skincare Products

November 29, 2014


By now you’re probably already aware about the concept of foods that you can use as a face mask or scrub. It’s about seeing the potential of foods hanging out in your fridge and pantry as the most effective and gentlest ingredients to replace the often times costly store bought skincare products. Nevertheless, using essentially “raw” ingredients gives your skin that all-natural treatment, it’s the same results without the added chemicals or dyes.

So next time you’re surveying your kitchen for food, or going grocery shopping, you may want to keep the following products in mind to work double-duty as not just nourishment, but also as great complexion components. 

1. Sugar: Whether it’s regular or brown, sugar is an amazing ingredient to be utilized in at-home scrubs. The gritty texture when whipping up a scrub recipe offers the exfoliating proportion when applied to the skin. Mix sugar in with honey and e.v.o.o for an all-over body and face scrub;

2. Plain Unflavored Yogurt: Yogurt is a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acid that helps in the result of the shrinking of pores. It can be used as a mask on its own twice a week (depending on skin sensitivity) for 15-20 minutes;

3. Honey: The most versatile item in your pantry, honey can be used as a face mask, added to a scrub and also soothes a sore throat when mixed in with warm milk. The anti-microbial element in honey keeps your face hydrated by drawing moisture in, not to mention, makes skin feel really soft afterwards;

4. E.V.O.O: Can be used in masks and scrubs alike, also is great for hair;

5. Avocado: Great as guacamole, even better when it sits on your face since it’s an excellent moisturizer;

6. Lemons: Lemon can function as a face scrub since it’s great when you have dry and flaking skin. Also, stick your nails in a lemon to brighten those beds up a bit;

7. Green Tea: Soothe your skin with a cool green tea rinse;

8. Bananas: Mash up a banana into a smooth whipped paste, then apply it to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. A banana mask will have your face feeling softer and smooth, also moisturizes;

9. Mayo: Whole-egg mayo can work double-duty as a mask and cleanser at the same time. Apply the mayo all over your face, let it sit for 20 minutes, first wipe it off and then rinse your face with cool water;

10. Eggs: When you have skin that needs a little extra moisturizing, instead of an omelet, slather some egg all over your face! If you’re oily, take the egg white as opposed to the whole egg, add a little lemon and honey. For normal skin, take the entire egg and beat it, apply it to your face and sit back for 30 minutes. Then rinse off.

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