The 7 Makeup Brushes You’ll Truly Ever Need

November 28, 2014


If we’d had to go by according what’s on the market, we’d all own a fleet of never-ending application tools. With so many brands, designs and sets coming out yearly, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out which brushes you truly need, in fact will ever even use. After digging through my own cups, here is the 101 on the 7 brushes I think you might truly only ever need.


The foundation/concealer sponge

An integral part, and most carefully thought out application tool, should always be the foundation and concealer brush. The right foundation applied using just the right brush makes all the difference in how the overall canvas looks, because it initially sets the tone for your entire makeup look. If you feel more comfortable with using a brush as opposed to anything else, the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush is a great option to have in your kit. If you feel like you could handle the adventure and would like to try something different, using a makeup sponge like the BeautyBlender is an absolute must-have for the most natural, and most flawless of finishes;


The Contour & Bronzer brush

You don’t need two different brushes in order to accomplish the all-over bronzed look, or even to sculpt out your features – you just need one brush that can double up and do both. The Nars Ita brush is initially meant to contour when looking at its brush setup, but if you turn the brush sideways it can be used as an all-over bronzer applicator as well;


The Powder, Highlighter & Blush brush

You also don’t need three different brushes to handle powder applications. One medium sized fluffy brush is all you need to set your concealer or liquid highlighter, and also to apply your blush. In order to apply a powdered highlighter, squeeze the brush hairs together until you have a fan-brush resemblance. Make Up Forever 126 Medium Powder Brush is a good option with the Sigma F10 being a good second choice ;


The All-Over Blending brush

To blend away any kind of harsh edges or the obvious application of blush, bronzer and highlighter, an all-over and oversized blending brush takes care of any last minute missteps and unflattering finishes. Because what is better than a perfectly blended complexion? Sephora Collection Pro Full Coverage Airbrush #53 is shown here, but my all-time favorite and can’t live without is an oversized powder brush by Real Techniques which is not sold anywhere anymore, boo;


The Flat Shadow brush

A Flat Shadow brush is one of the two eyeshadow brushes you truly ever need. Forget a separate crease brush, a separate this or that. A small flat shadow brush works multiple eye areas; it packs on the shadow all over the lid; it can be used in the crease, the inner corner; lower lash line and outer V. Consider the Hourglass All-Over Shadow Brush your versatile do-it-all;


The Blending brush

You need a good fluffy brush in order to blend all the shadows together, the fluffier, the better! The Bobbi Brown Eye Blender is a nice high quality brush but of course comes with a price, my favorite is its lower-priced counterpart by Sigma, the E40 Tapered Blending brush;


The Angled Brush

For both your eyeliner and eyebrows, a good angled brush is an absolute necessity. The Anastasia Mini Duo Angled/Spooley 7 is a perfect angle brush to have since it also contains a spooley brush on the other end so you can brush your brows before and while you fill them in!

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