13 Habits Of Real Girls Who Have Flawless Skin

November 27, 2014


Forgetting the model stigma for a minute, everyone wants “flawless” skin, right? Whatever that term means, it’s most commonly associated with models because they simply have the most-envied complexions known to Man. Dewy, glowing, bright, clear, youthful, etc., not a blemish to be detected. But what about real women who have this same type of visage, only not the paycheck nor title to go with it? I have made out like a bandit over the years, not suffering from acne or any kind of breakouts, not having scarring, blemishes, nothing, rendering me with a very clean complexion. My nickname? Baby face. But unlike major publications printing articles on how to achieve that model-like complexion, I don’t have “secrets to amazing skin”, they are habits and I have never been stingy about sharing my tips or routine steps with anyone. It doesn’t require a Vogue interview to get any substantial info out of me. Without further ado: 

1. Take days off
Most women could not imagine leaving the house without a drop of makeup on – for me, having days off are the ones I relish in the most because it gives me an opportunity to give my skin a break completely from makeup so it can start restoring itself as well as breathe without any gunk festering in my pores. If I do find myself having to go out for errands I will not even so much as touch concealer, instead I heavily focus on hydration and moisturizing so my skin still appears supple and nourished without a trace of makeup;

2. Embrace your skincare routine
On some evenings I cannot fathom having to spend a good 30 minutes in the bathroom gearing up for bed, or spend a good 10 in the morning solely focusing on prepping my skin properly. That being said, I will never skip a single step in my routine because each step to me is purposeful and feels important to maintaining a healthy complexion balance. I also like to take my time and really work product into my skin. So don’t feel like it’s a duty or a daily nuisance, crank up some music and embrace it;

3. Don’t pick or pop
Never once in my growing up, as a teen or as an adult have I ever picked or popped a zit/pimple on my face, which I think has been a major contributing factor in essentially having clear skin because there is no scars or dark spots from having such a habit. As annoying or embarrassing as it is to have a zit, especially as an adult, let it run its course and it will pay off in the end, just trust me;

4. Limit sun exposure
Each Summer I most likely look like the oddest creature ever rocking a slightly tanned body but a very pale face. And that’s totally okay with me. I make it a point to limit any type of sun exposure since I have seen the damage it can bestow on skin firsthand. I also never leave the house without any SPF regardless, it’s a very important step in my morning routine;

5. Drink lots of water
While there’s no concrete proof that water banishes wrinkles or prevents them from showing up, I have noticed that ever since I started consuming water regularly that it has made a big difference in how my complexion appears in terms of hydration and looking revitalized;

6. Surprise your skin
Even when I find holy grail products, I have a tendency to switch up products frequently to avoid the adjustment stage our skins develop. Over time your skin becomes immune to the proprieties and ingredients of using a singular product because we simply get used to it. The latter meaning that we no longer reap the full benefits of those products. I find it a proactive move to surprise my skin with new products regularly so it never gets to that adjustment period;

7. Take your vitamins
I like to take a multi-vitamin, fish oil and evening primrose oil once a day, all of which contain important skincare elements that could do anything from remedy common skin issues to help the aging process;

8. Slap some food on your face
Honey, brown sugar, e.v.o.o., yogurt, coconut oil, peppermint, sea salt, etc. Whether it’s an exfoliator or a mask, I use it all at least twice a week;

9. Eat right
Speaking of food. I find that what you put in your body is what you will reflect on the outside. As much as I can will I put fresh greens and fruits into my body because there’s a significant difference when I neglect to do that. If I eat unhealthy for a couple of days with a lot of takeout food, my complexion starts to look very dull and tired. Fresh produce is packed full of vitamins and minerals that not just your body needs, but your skin as well in order to look healthy;

10. Use the right products
Knowing your skin and being able to identify an issue when it happens are two amazing benefactors in acquiring the correct products for your skin type. Using the wrong products can have a complete averse reaction in terms of attempting to fix an issue, but they will also not cater to your skin’s needs meaning it just doesn’t do anything;

11. Don’t overdo it
There’s a good way to cleansing skin, there’s also a bad way to cleanse skin. Many tend to think that squeaky clean skin means good skin, that’s not true. As a matter of fact, the harder you go on cleaning your skin, the more you’re stripping it of its oils and protective barrier it needs to reject outside elements and free radicals. Be gentle, find a butter-zone to where it feels clean but not tight because you overdid it;

12. Exfoliate
I get very excited when I get to exfoliate. Using my favorite concoction of brown sugar, honey and e.v.o.o., I go to work once/twice a week scrubbing my face from the layer of dead skin cells and general junk that have accumulated over the last couple of days. Afterwards, my skin feels so refreshed and renewed, it really helps to get that luminous glow everyone always talks about;

13. Never confuse price with quality
My best kept secrets come from the drugstore.

What are your skincare habits?

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