12 Makeup Mistakes That Add 10 Years To Your Face

November 22, 2014


Makeup is magic that comes in bottles, tubes, compacts and pens which can instantly transform our faces while it represents a better looking version of ourselves, and can act as a medium to help us look younger. Albeit it is supposed to do the latter, there are so many makeup mistakes I spot on a daily basis that actually work in reverse and can add a couple of unwanted years. In this list I’m highlighting some common makeup errors made by even the best of us, and what you can do to improve that step in your routine, if not leave it out all together.

Error: Cake face
Too much foundation will settle in any fine lines you may not even know existed, increasingly darken your complexion by adding impromptu wrinkles;

Fix: Put a slight amount of foundation on the back of your hand, and gauge what you need by starting with a small amount instead of gooping it on right away. Once it’s on, you can’t take it back. Use a sponge like the BeautyBlender for a natural application and finish;

Error: Too much concealer
The goal of applying concealer is to hide imperfections like blemishes and those evil dark circles. But too much concealer applied onto those dark circles and general under-eye area will draw more attention to the problem since it will settle in those lines, plus will look caked on just like foundation can;

Fix: 1) Opt for either a full coverage concealer that is highly pigmented and does not require too much product to cover problem areas. 2) Apply with a damp BeautyBlender to remove access product by soaking it up, also this gives the most natural finish; 3) Be light-handed with the setting powder;

Error: Dark sultry lips
I’m just going to come right out and say it, the dark lip trend is not for everyone. Sorry girls. YES, we can all wear vampy red lips and deep burgundy pouts, but it depends on what shade you pick, otherwise it can add years to your face. Thin lips don’t matter in this instance, the wrong undertone in a darker shade can inflict a very unflattering veil over your face because it doesn’t sync with your skin tone. Everything needs to in harmony in order to look good;

Fix: Either find the right undertone to your skin and make an educated decision from there on, or stick with neutral colors;

Error: Sunken Cheeks
Some women either go overboard with the contouring, or don’t properly blend the bronzer, the aforementioned can sculpt your face in all the wrong ways. Casting too much of a dark shadow onto your cheekbones will automatically make them look sunken-in, adding not just years to your appearance, you’ll look like crackhead. #realtalk.

Fix: Always apply a contour with a light hand and minimal product. Opt for a fluffy brush to blend out any harsh edges, and never pick a color more than twice as dark as your original skin tone to contour;

Error: Blush Misplacement
It drives me freakin’ insane that women dab blush on the apples of their cheeks while smiling. If you smile while applying your blush, the apples will be uplifted, essentially creating an artificial location. Once you let down your smile, the apples sag back to their original location, hence it drags the face downwards;

Fix: If you’re hellbent on putting blush on your apples, don’t smile so you won’t create an artificial location. The CORRECT way of applying blush is in the center of your cheekbone. Start where your eye ends, deposit blush there and start blending towards the nose (2 fingers separating between cheek and side of nose), and towards the hairline;

Error: No Blush
No blush at all is almost just as bad as too much blush. As we age, our complexion color start to become more dull, your skin needs color in order to look youthful;

Fix: Always use blush, preferably in a lively color;

Error: All-round Eyeliner
Drawing out your entire eye in black eyeliner will make your eyes look narrow and smaller, plus if you’re battling crows feet, this method will only enhance their presence;

Fix: Line the eye only 3-quarters of the way, use a smudge brush to blend away the harsh lines;

Error: Too Much Bronzer
That gorgeous “sunkissed goddess” look has a fine line and many women cross them;

Fix: Stick with a light hand and a large fluffy brush, and stick to the almighty C-shape which goes from forehead and temples down under the natural cheek line, then under the jawline;

Error: Dark Eyes
As I mentioned above all-round black eyeliner ages the eyes, but a smokey eye gone overboard can do the same. As sexy as it can be, sometimes too much dark around the eyes can work the opposite, making you look tired, or like you’ve been binge drinking. Neither a good look on anyone;

Fix: Using dark colors is okay but in moderation, when creating the alluring smokey eye the key element is blend, blend, blend. But instead of using more dark colors to blend with the other dark colors, a neutral tone to intervene works better since it will stop you from going up too high, and it will tame the previous darker shades used;

Error: Highlight Overdose
Ah, the wonders of a highlighter. A highlighter can literally work miracles, but if you’re into the contour & highlighting craze, the lines can become blurry as to when enough is enough. Too much highlighter, especially on the under-eye area, can make you look washed out and sometimes give you the “ghost face” effect. The only ghost face there should be is in the Wu Tang Clan;

Fix: Highlighter should only be applied where it needs to be, but in small amounts. Don’t draw the checkmark like you do with your concealer under the eye, instead 3 dots or 3 quick swipes is more then enough for subtle highlighting that area;

Error: Overplucked Brows
As we age our brows thin out, causing sparse areas. If you’re a plucker try to remain in the same thickness as your natural brow, only polish up around the perimeter. Too much overplucking for years at a time can cause your brows to stop growing completely, the hair will never come back, so make the right choices now before you pass the point of no return;

Fix: DON’T OVERPLUCK. Or if you already reached that line, fill in sparse areas with a brow filling color that is one shade lighter then your natural brow color and fill in with feathering strokes;

Error: When Too Much is Too Much
Too much color contrast on the face is by far the worst look on a woman, ever. Don’t we remember Christina Aguilera years ago? Bold lip color + unnatural bold shadow + too much eyeliner + bold contour + too much highlight = chaos. Too much happening at once on the face is not just confusing for us out here, overdone makeup is the number one contributor to making you look older.

Fix: Stay with natural shades and tones when picking makeup colors. If you’re going to follow a runway trend that involves a bold color, only use the bold on that part of the face. If you want to go for eyes – keep the lips and cheeks neutral, go for lips – keep the eyes and cheeks neutral, go for sculpted cheeks – keep eyes and lips neutral. You can still make an impression with beautiful makeup, but don’t use your entire face to do so.

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