Coveting Better Brows

November 14, 2014


I have inflicted some serious torment onto my eyebrows in my previous years. Starting in my teenager years when I realized my chaotic bushy Euro brows I inherited from my mother were invading eyelid-ish territory and slowly uniforming into one brow as opposed to two. Plucking them vigorously during that time is where their perpetual demise started. And then at 16 I did the unthinkable, entering my Goth phase – I shaved them clean off so I could have the same brows as Tairrie B, the ferocious female lead singer of angsty girl band My Ruin. And I did so with black brow pencil. This continued for a few years until one day I snapped out of my years of teenage darkness and was left with two super villain creatures that looked they had been drawn on with a black Sharpie. Depending on if the arches were even or the angles were off, I looked either surprised or really mad. Sometimes skeptical. Cynical. And so concluded their ultimate demise.

Years of taking the razor to them rendered me a heartbreaking growing effort where they grew back but never to their former glory. Begone were the bushy Euro brows I had come to despise when everyone in school ridiculed me for them. Adding total insult to injury when Cara Delevingne popularized natural brows, having a pair of brows that have personalities all of their own. As you all can imagine, I’m totally kicking myself in the ass for ever initially starting plucking them. Hold on, I need a moment.

Today my brows are present, to a certain degree. Thinner in hair, patchy in growth, barely noticeable in the tails. A mere and pathetic reflection of their former selves. This had made me come to the realization that they need a little help. I have experimented with the good ole regular brow pencil, to no avail. What a disaster of a product that is. From there I moved on to powder, taupe eyeshadow to be exact. This was an okay method but requires a lot of patience in order for a balanced consistency throughout both brows, which in the morning I am more of a “why can’t hurry the fuck up be a virtue” type of person. They look natural, but I will never possess that level of patience. About that time came the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz to life. I really tried to like this product by itself but it wasn’t enough, plus once again, it requires too much blood, sweat and tears to fill these guys in. After that came the Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s a very unfussy product, they look super natural, you just brush them and voila, they’re on. No real science involved.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade hit the shelves, and I was instantly hooked. This has been my go-to ever since it was released. An 8-shade waterproof eyebrow color line, the selection does not necessarily tailor to everyone’s individual brow color, but you can find your true match by mixing two shades together. The creamy formula glides on smooth without clumping and provides gorgeous natural-looking results, without any fading or smudging. The trick to the Dipbrow is that less works best and use feathering motions like you would with the Brow Whiz. For a nice sculpt, I will take the Brow Whiz and clean up the edges. Anastasia’s clear Brow Gel sets them and keeps them defined all day long.

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